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  1. I am a big time follower of Lawctopus. And in this line I will be frank with you guys that Lawctopus people did the wrong thing by removing the submit your own post feature which gave a real good democratic feel throughout the internet.

  2. What about job prospects after 3 year llb from a private college?

  3. Please guide me how can i work along senior adv. In Pune as an intern how ever i have passed my llb and have 2 years experince in civil courts at district level

  4. Hello Sir, I am planning to pursue for the 52 weeks duration course (Advanced Professional Certification in Corporate Law Practice ) from I am not able to determine if the courses done from this institute are acceptable across industry and are these valid or not. I would request you to kindly guide me how should one can find out if these sort of courses are recognized and valid. I appreciate your help.

  5. Dear Tanuj ji,

    Give the info on opportunities available to work with you. For example : for law students, law interns, Trial Court Advocates, Law Researchers etc. Many talented Advocates at the Trial Courts don’t have enough opportunities to grow. In your site you are providing a lot of information. This info is very inspiring and making the students and young Advocates to understand the opportunities available. You are also give information on the various courses useful to Advocates distance mode or online. For example : IGNOU School of Law is offering a number of courses useful to Advocates also. Such information is not clearly known to Trial Court Advocates. IGNOU has to introduce either Certificate or Diploma courses relating to Indirect Taxes, Customs, Central Excise, Marine and Admirality laws, Insurance Investigation, Family Laws etc. I think these courses have to cover both theory and practicing aspect like filing and trial procedure from the Trial Courts. This hint will be very useful to all Advocates.

    Precisely say, how Advocates hailing from Trial Courts or rural areas have to develop or update their skills? how the society, NGOs, research organizations or corporates can utilize their skills. To represent before Mandal Courts to Supreme Court enrollment as an Advocate is sufficient. The gap between the professionals working in Delhi, State Capitals, Metros and rural areas have to be reduced.

    By visiting the sites like yours .. even the professionals having experience more than two decades will introspect and begin to sharpen his/her skills. It is a truth. What the professionals like me learned two decades back is different from now. Each and every Advocate may not practice at New Delhi or in Metros or in State Capitals due to various commitments or reasons. Due to globalization many, many changes are taking place. Many colleges or institutions are conducting workshops, seminars, training programmes etc. many are submitting their papers but they are limited to those institutions. Except the participants others are not aware. The said hidden skills have to come out. The depth of our law students and young Advocates have to be exposed.

    Internships for practicing Trial Court Advocates will also helpful to know more about other branches of law. The main hurdle in our country is we don’t have sufficient Courts at District level.

    For the above works and motivation people like you are very useful.

    Wish you all success.

    1. Dear Adv E.S. Jagadeeshwar ji,

      Thank you for your comment. I never thought that Lawctopus would be serving a purpose like this; of helping senior advocates become aware of the ‘new’ things available out there. Thank you for making me get present to that.


  6. can you please make all the internship contact details downloadable file?

  7. Sir i am doing b.a in brijindra college affliated by punjabj university patiala
    I want to get admition in llb
    I want advice for entrance test in llb
    Can you refer me the best books for entrance in llb please sir

  8. Hey could you please guide me on how should I apply for a district court internship at MUMBAI?

  9. Respected sir,

    My self shahnawaz, I am doing ballb & third year student from chaudhary charan singh university campus, meerut & also want to do internship, So please sir suggest me the law firm for practice in meerut……

    I will be really thankfull

  10. Hello,

    I had submitted a blog post few days back under the title ‘Three mistakes of My Life’

    If the blog does not meet your standards then it is obvious that it won’t be published.

    If that be the case even a little feedback from your side will help me to improve my otherwise ordinary writing skills.

    Thanks. Have a good weekend.

  11. sir,
    i am a graduate and aspirant of law so i would like to get enroll in 3 years llb my question is that what should i check before to take admission in a law college means university affiliation or bar council of india approve.. if any college approved by bar council of india then how can i know they are lying or not .. pls help me..


    ashis pal

  12. Tanuj,

    why have you not covered the recent NUJS story? I am sure that there was a lot to cover. Please bring out the menace of ragging which is prevalent there. Oh, please get in touch with people who went for the NUJS moot too. They will tell you about the ‘amazing’ time which they had there.
    i.e., if you have time from slinging mud at other places.

    1. Hi Wonder Kid,

      We’ve not covered the recent NUJS story because it’s a sensitive issue. Publishing whatever the grapevine has to say (and it’s all rumours till now) is not our intention.

      Also, in my final year of law school, I lost a classmate and a friend (Wasim Iqbal) and all of us were shocked by the insensitive manner in which the media dealt with the issue. So maybe, I am affected by a personal issue as well. (That shouldn’t affect professional work you’d say and in that case I’d like to apologise).

      Also, if you think our purpose is ‘slinging mud’ at other places, you deserve a little rap on the knuckles. We don’t sling mud but try our best to publish stories on issues which matter to the law student community.

      If you are implying that we have not done stories on NUJS, here’ are a few links for your reference:

      Aug 28, 2014: (NUJS Registrar Suspended After Financial Mismanagement Report)

      July 25, 2014: (BCI’s Damning Report on NUJS, Kolkata ‘Hidden’ for 9 Months)

      July 15, 2014: (Via LegallyIndia: NUJS Kolkata’s Administration Found Guilty of Financial Mismanagement)

    2. Internship@ Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission, Mumbai. The maharashtra state human rights commission is accepting inters for june and july 2015. You can apply be sending and internship application, a letter of recommendation to their office (9, Hazarimal Somani Marg, Opp. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai 400 001) by post or by hand. Internship on first come first serve basis

  13. Hi, I’m a first year B.A.L.L.B. student currently studying in WBNUJS.
    I’d be very grateful if someone could please let me know whether HRLN Mumbai or Majlis is a better option for internships in the first year.

  14. Respected Sir
    Please send me last AIBE Exams (I,II, III, IV, V. VI, VII) question paper with answer 2011 /2012/2013 2014

  15. sir, i want to pursue 3yr LLB degree. i am going to give entrance of delhi university this year. what other college options ahould i have other thal du as backup.plz suggest me other law colege near delhi . thankyou pls help.

  16. Respecetd sir,
    My self Kanchan , My LLB Completed from Nagpur and also want to do internship under solicitor , so please please sir suggest me the law firm for practice in Nagpur, Maharashtra…….?
    Thanking you sir…….

  17. pls cont. 8108467717
    i m also ty llb student.
    so, i can advised to u in better field 4 national n international law firm.

  18. Hi!
    I am looking for a 2-week law internship at a Law Firm in Mumbai.
    Can somebody provide me the names of such Law Firms in Mumbai that provide a 2 week internship?
    Even companies would do.
    The only criteria’s are 1- Two Weeks Internship only 2- At Mumbai.

    i wish to do in January 2015. ASAP, mostly by start of January.


    1. You should mention which year you are in to get a comprehensive reply.

  19. Respected mam I have done my m.s.w in 2013 and also dono certtificat course in counselling and guidance .I want to work with your n.g.o. I will be really thankful if I get positive and helpful revert.

  20. Respecetd sir,
    My self kshma , I am doing third year LLB from mumbai university ( Rizvi college of Law) and also want to do internship under solicitor , so please please sir suggest me the law firm for practice in mumbai …….?
    Thanking you sir…….

  21. Respected sir, I want to complete my internship in d end of December under Law associates or law firm can you suggest me some ngo in delhi, jaipur
    I am a 2nd year student

    I will be really thankfull.

  22. Hi folks,

    Can anyone please shed some information about the LLM Programme’s Eligibility criteria. I found on websites that it requires LLB Degree or equivalent.
    What do they mean by equivalent ? I am an Engineering graduate (B.Tech)

    is it possible for me to get into LLM if so please let me know the procedure as well.

    Appreciate your help

  23. any short term course available for civil law especially in property and general law of will so on

  24. I am a 4th year law student and I have to do my dissertation on BRICS Association. can anybody please tell me if there is any legal issue in BRICS because of which India as faced problems.

  25. hello, i am planning to intern for 2 weeks at either of these two law firms L.S davar or Subhramania & Natrajan.
    which one is good for IPR?

  26. Hello Sir,
    I am looking out for an internship in a corporate law firm in mumbai so can u help me to find out. i am a last year student of LLB.

  27. Sir I want to do an internship in Chandigarh in the month of June. Can u tell about corporate law firm in Chandigarh..?

    1. Malhotra and Malhotra is good. They are ‘family law’ and ‘immigration law’ specialists. 🙂

      1. But how cn u say that sir…….nd so frankly? I want to know lesson of ur thnkng

  28. Sir hwz faculty of law,Aligarh Muslim university for ballb program ? .,…,plz reply

  29. Respected sir, I want to inter under Law associates or law firm can you suggest me some internships in banglore.
    I am a 2nd year student

    I will be really thankfull.

  30. Can anyone provide me the best memorial of XI ALL DELHI (NCR) MOOT COMPLETION WHICH WAS HELD.. ON 5TH OF SEPT. 2013

  31. Dear Sir
    I Have Done LLB(Hons) 2002 but not continune in practice but i am now to start a carrier in Law field but i dont know any thing how to start law practice so please give suggetion its helpful intership to make carrier in this field

  32. I wanted to know, where will it be suitable to intern in 2nd Semester B.A. LLB (Hons.)?

  33. Sir i want the contact details of Mr. G.S.Singhvi (hon’bl judge of supreme court).
    Please provide me as if u can or tell me how can i get it.
    Thank You.

  34. What will be the correct procedure to apply for an internship under a High Court or a Supreme Court Judge?

    1. Judges only have law researchers as their official interns but if your college has tie up with the Courts they approach or either you can address the concerned High Court Judge a letter of request and if he thinks he”ll accept.In Supreme Court the interns have to go through a process of selection and you apply in the Supreme Court Bar Association office.

      1. the Registerar’s office you can apply too both in the High Court as well as the apex court

  35. hello sir,
    i would like to know if i can get any internship in chennai for the next month. any firm or NGO would be fine. please let me know any firm’s or NGO’s in chennai

  36. helloo sir hwz icfai college Dehradun for law?????

    1. go only for the degree if that is all you need.They havent been able to get their students placed

  37. Hello Sir, It would be helpful if you give me information about career in Cyber Law, what kind of courses we required to do..? And what kind of jobs are offered…?

    1. go to the asian school of cyber law it is best according to my knowledge you find it better.

  38. any help ….. or information about summer school programs

  39. Hello sir,
    I am a final (5th) year law student in IP University, Delhi.
    I am planning to pursue my LLM degree from a reputed university out of India. & want to start preparing for the same.
    I will be only able to take up the course outside India if i get a good scholarship, can you please suggest me some universities where i can get scholarship as an average student.
    I will be really thankful if i get a positive and helpful revert.

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Scholarships outside India you wont be able to get if you have an average score .but try Universities in America like Michigan,Georgia.The country is currently promoting law universities under Education policy reframed by Obama.

  40. I gt selected by Jamia Millia Islamia university for law. but i m not aware about the law faculty and the placement status in this university. could you please give me the required information about the campus, and the faculty. I just have 4 days left to complete all the admission formalities there. so please reply ASAP.

  41. Kindly inform us there is any age bar for the admission of 3 yearr LLB admission

  42. Hi,

    It would be really helpful if you post an article listing good 3Yr. LLB colleges & their admission process.


    1. try faculty of law, DU…. has an entrance

      then there is ILS Pune i think OP Jindal law School too has a 3yr course!

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