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Interview with Winners of Christ Moot Court Competition 2015 [CMR Law College]: Co-ordination & Hard Work Equals Success

Our team’s forte was co-ordination and hard-work, which was done by each and every individual. Each and every member of our team worked together as a team and each member of the team is talented in their own ways.

How to Prepare for Leiden Sarin International Air Law Moot: Symbiosis Pune’s Team Tells You All About It

Know the art of searching a point on the Internet. Everything is out there waiting for us. It just needs a clever manipulation of the key words you enter in the search box.

Interview + Memorials: Symbiosis B Krishna IPR Moot Runners Up [Amity, Delhi]

Researching for a moot is much like researching for any other project- you first read thoroughly on the subject to get a general idea, after which you narrow the topics you want to read up in detail. One of the most important things is to first read the problem carefully, at least fifteen to twenty times.

Interview of Symbiosis’ B Krishna IPR Moot Winners [RMLNLU]; DOWNLOAD MEMORIALS

Who is the judge? The judge is God. Why is he God? Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent. Who is your opponent? He doesn't exist. Why does he not exist? Because he is merely a dissenting voice to the truth that I speak.
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Interview: Winning Team [NUJS Kolkata] of KK Luthra National Moot 2015

However, it is undeniable that they do have certain tangible benefits. The most important of which would be confidence, especially if one is intending on litigating. The process of speaking in front of others with an expectation of scrutiny creates a good atmosphere which one can take to courts.

Interview: Winners of VIPS International Moot [Nirma University]; DOWNLOAD MEMORIALS

Choose a team that follows your mantra of hard work. Moot as much as you can because this is one platform where you can learn a lot from yourself, from your team members and from other law students. You will always remember your mooting days and these will help you a lot in honing you skills.

Interview: Winners of South Asia Rounds, Price Media Moot Court Competition [NLU Jodhpur]

The biggest roadblock was the problem itself. The issues were overlapping to a great extent and we didn't want the memos to sound repetitive, though it's been acceptable in the moot in the past. We debated the structure for a long time before coming up with one that allowed us to present a wide range of arguments within the word limit.

Interview with Nirma Students Who Won the 30th BCI Moot + Download Memos | The Whatsapp Group Called Jeetne aye hai, Jeet k Jayenge

This is a competition and every team is giving it their best shot. So a consistent effort which was used by a team to gain some leverage, now becomes an average. Here comes the effect of intensity. The amount of intensity put in by a team in their preparation gives them some leverage above others. So a consistent intensified effort for a month is required to win any competition.

Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Experience: An Insight

There are two things unique in the moot at Goethe university- the moot and the socials where we get to meet judges and interact with all other students. The arbitrators were professors and lawyers from as far as Singapore.
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Interview with the RGNUL Team, Runners-up @ KIIT Moot 2014: A worm’s-eye view of what makes magnificent mooters

The process of preparation was very long and hectic. We started our preparations in the third week of June which came to an end with the valediction of the competition. Since KNMCC provides you two propositions to work on, you would require double the preparation time as compared to other moots which have a single proposition.
5th Christ University International Model United Nation Conference 2017

Download Winners’ Memorials [NLSIU, Bangalore] of Christ National Moot Court Competition 2014

The best team was bagged by the team from NLSIU, Bangalore. Download the memorials of the winners from the links within the post.
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Interview with Winning HNLU Team at 2nd KIIT National Moot Court Competition 2014

On working together, the team said, "We three have previously worked together and hence, compatibility was never an issue amongst us but rather the same was our team’s forte."