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Welcome to Lawctopus, India’s most popular and trusted website for law students. On January 1, 201, we launched our USA, UK, Europe and Australia sites!

Launched on 27th September, 2010, Lawctopus now gets 2 lakhs+ (200,000) unique readers and  20 lakhs+ (20,00,000) page-views every month.

We’ve been covered by leading dailies like The Telegraph and the Economic Times, among others. On June 30, we entered into a multi-faceted tie-up with LexisNexis.

Here are the things you’ll find on Lawctopus:

Opportunities: Call for papers, essay competitions, seminars, courses, law school fests, moot court competitions, fellowships, PDs, MUNs and every opportunity which you can avail.

Internship Experiences: Internship experiences of law students at various places: lawyers, NGOs, law firms, companies etc.  Such a database of internship experiences, we believe, will help you make informed decisions about your internships and careers.

Personal BlogsLaw schools can sometimes stifle creativity and we won’t let that happen! We regularly publish write-ups and other art by law students like yourself.

Career Advice: Lawctopus contains a healthy repository of articles guiding law students about their careers. Advice related to  internships, mooting,  career options in law, curating a CV etc. are shared in this section.

You can also find career resources: sample cover letter, CV, moot court memo and internship contact details for free download.

Law School News: Lawctopus doesn’t merely cover law school events; we are NOT interested in that.

Events Calendar: We curate the opportunities we post in a neat calendar!

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