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In case you have a course, a product or a service for law students in India, the best way to advertise & market that is via Lawctopus!

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Here are our stats:

  • Unique visitors: 250,000/month
  • Pageviews: 16 lakhs/month; 1.6 million
  • Email subscribers: 77,000 (growing by 100 a day)
  • Facebook fans: 55,000 (growing by 10 a day)
  • Twitter followers: 24,000
  • Instagram: 17,500
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Our content (internship experiences, legal opportunities, law career advice) exclusively caters to law students thus making a frequently visited space.

Here are a few easy ways in which you can advertise on Lawctopus:

  • Banner ads: Pop-up banner, top banner, in-post bannerside banner ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp
  • Referral based campaigns

Banner rates:

  • Pop-up banner: Slot 1: Rs. 3.6 lakhs, Slot 2: 3 lakhs, Slot 3: 2.4 lakhs
  • Top of site banner: Rs. 300,000/month [Only 1 slot left]
  • Top of post banner: Rs. 240,000/month [Only 1 slot left]
  • End of post banner: Rs. 180,000/month [Only 1 slot left]
  • Top banner: Rs. 180,000/month [6 slots left]
  • Side banner ad [Top 5 positions]: Rs. 90,000/month
  • Side banner ad [After top 5 positions]: Rs. 60,000/month

Sponsored post rates:

  • Sponsored post [website + social media]: Rs. 25,000/post
  • Sponsored post [website + social media + WhatsApp groups]: Rs. 35,000/post
  • Sponsored post [website + social media + WhatsApp groups + Push Notification + Email notification]: Rs. 50,000/post

The aforementioned rates are applicable for clients based out of India only.  For International clients, our rates will be 1.5 – 3x of the Indian rates.

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 80471 15267


contact[at] [for posts]

sales[at] [for banner advertisements]

College/University Events are Free

Events and opportunities organized by Colleges and Universities (NOT in association with a private organization) such as a call for papers, moot courts, essay competitions, conferences, workshops, etc. are published on Lawctopus as a one time post free of cost.

Colleges and Universities can also opt for our paid event outreach plans (click here), for extra publicity and branding.



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