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In case you have a course, a product or a service for law students in India, the best way to advertise & market that is via Lawctopus!

We proudly and conclusively stake a claim to being the most popular and trusted website for law students in India.

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY EVENTS ARE FREE: Events and opportunities organized by Colleges and Universities (NOT in association with a private organization) such as a call for papers, moot courts, essay competitions, conferences, workshops, etc. are published on Lawctopus as a one time post free of cost.

Colleges and Universities can also opt for our paid event outreach plans (click here), for extra publicity and branding.

Here are our stats:

  • Unique visitors: 2,50,000/month
  • Pageviews: 16 lakhs/month; 1.6 million
  • Email subscribers: 57,000 (growing by 100 a day)
  • Facebook fans: 52,000 (growing by 10 a day)
  • Twitter followers: 17,000
  • Instagram: 4500
  • Whatsapp subscribers: 8000+

Our content (internship experiences, legal opportunities, law career advice) exclusively caters to law students thus making a frequently visited space.

Here are a few easy ways in which you can advertise on Lawctopus:

  • Banner ads: Top banner, side banner ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp
  • Referral based campaigns

Ad rates:

  • Pop-up banner: Rs. 2,00,000/month  
  • Top of post banner: Rs. 1,60,000/month
  • End of post banner: Rs. 1,30,000/month
  • Top banner: Rs. 1,00,000/month
  • Side banner (top 5 positions): Rs. 50,000/month
  • Sponsored post: Rs. 3000-40,000/month (the variable charges are explained in FAQs below)
  • Sticky post: Rs. 7000/day

In case you are interested in advertising with us, please email us at or call +91 9711850703.

How do you decide how much to charge for a sponsored post?

Publishing your event/opportunity on Lawctopus is the best way (online or offline) to reach out to law students and young lawyers.

Our charges depend on how much ‘value’ we can add to an event/opportunity. Treating unequals unequally is the fundamental principle of justice, and we do that with our sponsored posts too.

Our charges depend on things like:

  • Nature/type of organization (charges will vary if you are a University, an NGO, a Law Firm or a Company)
  • Subject/theme
  • Fees of the event/opportunity
  • Specialisation
  • Location of the event (metro city, online, etc.)
  • The number of hires, type of specialization, experience required (in case of job posts).

Whatever our charges are, rest assured that the value you get from publishing on Lawctopus will always exceed or be as per your expectations. 🙂

Note: We usually charge between Rs. 3000-40,000/post.

Nature/type of organization: We charge nothing from colleges/universities; less or close to nothing from NGOs or important student-run organizations (like those doing legal aid work); and more from corporates, private entities, and law firms. 

Subject/themes: There are some subjects which we as an organization believe in; feminism, environmentalism, entrepreneurship are some examples. We charge less if we are promoting events or opportunities relating to these themes.

Fees: If the registration fee is more, our charges are more.

Location: Our fees will be more if your event is happening online or in a big metro.

Internship posts are free: Internship posts (unless there is a bulk-hiring) are published for free.

Example: So if a small NGO doing good work is charging Rs. 50 as a registration fee for an event; we will publish the event for free.

If a company is charging Rs. 2000 for an event, our charges can be between Rs. 10,000-40,000/post depending on the theme, organization, etc.

Our charges are subjective. We treat unequals unequally. Maybe the model is not scalable, but we believe it’s fair. Our judgment fails us sometimes, and we are happy to accept and correct that. Please don’t call/email repeatedly as that diverts your and our time from doing the important work.

If you have never published before on Lawctopus, please fill this form here. It takes us 5-7 days to consider your onboarding and get back to you for your post.

To learn more, please email at or contact at +91 9711850703.