By Harshad Kapoor

Its 11 PM on 13TH April 2014 and I am in the bus, returning to Jaipur after another ridiculous and disappointing experience.

Being a 4th year law student I have been to many fests and I think that a trend has started where every college wants to organize its own fest to show its creativity and innovation.

But are we going too fast!

In a haste to organize a fest the colleges miss out on quality, accountability, exposure, experience and (the most important) fun. They just end up leaving the participants in distress.

I don’t know who should I blame the administration or the students for the misconduct but it is a serious problem because people work hard for the event of their choice and it hurts when you are not rewarded for your constant and adamant efforts.

We belong to a fraternity where we learn about justice everyday but we are the ones who are making a mockery of it.

symbiosis law school noida, symfiesta
Oonchi dookan, Pheeka pakwan

In recent past I had 2 very bad experiences at fests organized by one of the renowned colleges of this –one is Symfiesta organized by Symbiosis Law School, Noida and the second is Vibes organized by Institute of Law, Nirma University.

This is what I experienced –

1. Host team being declared as the winners/ runner up and the outstation teams being discouraged.

2. The teams had to suffer when they are not provided with the schedule on time and they arrive at the fest one or two days before the date of their event adding to their hospitality cost. Moreover, due to clash of events students registering for more than one event have to skip some of the events rendering their registration amount useless.

3. Host not abiding by the declared prize money and the number of prizes being given. It has been a personal experience when hosts promise to give awards to the top three teams but end up awarding the winners.

4. Host not abiding by the rules of the competition. It has also been experienced that in an extempore moot the opposite party was having prepared memorials because they were dummy team and they had a moot on the same topic.

5. Certificates and cash prizes not being given at the valedictory.

6. No disclosure of marks and ranking.

7. Inadequacy of the participants is also a problem. Teams registering for a competition find themselves in a pathetic situation when they find that only five or six teams are taking part in the event and this decreases their interest in the event.

All these things clearly indicate that the colleges concentrate on just organizing a fest and not to give a memorable and wonderful experience to the participants. These practices develop in students a negative impact about new fests.

I remember when our college (University Five Year Law College, University Campus, Jaipur) did the same thing in the Ranka Moot Court Competition which damaged the reputation of our college badly.

We need to organized a few good events and that is it.

vibes, nirma law university, law school fest
Sad vibes 🙁
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  1. Hello Mr. Kapoor,

    First of all thanks for attending our Cultural and Sports fest- VIBES ’14.

    Now, coming to your allegations, I would like to answer each one of them specifically:

    1- As far as I know, our college won only in 6 events out of 28 events that took place. Now, for your knowledge we invited dignitaries from different fields to judge our events(if you want their number do contact us, we will provide you. Just mention them our name & they will definitely hear you.) I don’t think that judges of such high standard will make us win just because we are calling them to our institute. And BTW if you didn’t perform well then its your loss. We are not here to discourage any participant.

    2- I guess you would be knowing simple and basic English. It was clearly mentioned that fest was from 11th-13th April, 2014. It is but natural that you should arrive at the dates given. Instructions clearly mentioned that the accommodation charges included for 3 nights/4 days. Coming to the event schedule, I am sure you have heard the famous quote, “You cannot have your cake and eat it too.” It is but obvious that you cannot take part in all 28 events. And for your knowledge there were lot of participants who participated in 4-5 events. Regarding registration fees, I guess we took your registration fees once you had the schedule and we didn’t retain any of the fees if at all you had given us.

    3- Coming to the prizes, can you just tell me that where we had declared that we are giving cash prize? Also let me know where we had mentioned that we will be giving top three teams prizes.

    4- So, we are not abiding the rules? Seriously? All the rules and regulations were provided to the participants and also before the events, rules were made clear to the participants.

    5- Certificates and prizes not given at the valedictory? Mr. Kapoor please correct your set of facts as here I have got proof(Live telecast video) which shows that all the teams were given certificates along with the trophies. If your team have a train scheduled at that time or you have got function or you remain absent then I think that is not the fault of the organizers.

    6- Did you ever ask for the same? We have still got the mark sheets of the judges. Please let us know when you are coming for the same, we will make special arrangements for you sir.

    7- Inadequacy of the participants. Sir, we are not here from any company who goes door to door to sell the products. We cannot force colleges or students to participate in our fest. Not attending our fest discourages us, so should we complain that. And pity on you sir, there were only 5-6 teams and still you couldn’t manage to win. SAD!

    Our college organized this fest not just for the sake of organizing, we had some dreams and we worked hard to fulfill those dreams. No doubt, we committed lot of mistakes but we tried to rectify the same as soon as possible.

    And yes just for the information VIBES ’14 witnessed 892 participants from more than 35 colleges.

    I, on behalf of whole Institute of Law, Nirma University, apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Hope to see you next year in VIBES ’15 with the feeling of GOOD VIBES!!


  2. Oh plz….grow up!!
    Writing such a “sad” statement only shows that you yourself are lacking something. Being the 1st ever national fest of Symbi Noida v rocked it and this is the 1st article i have come across that is making such statements. The fellow outstation participants were all praise for the fest. Looks like either people are playing double standards or else they don’t have a standard.
    Instead of appreciating the effort made by the whole symbi family your article from the 1st word itself is overshadowed with negativity.
    Cheer up mate and show some zeal to achieve…not to forget some sportsmanship. Will do you good in your future.
    Or else after loosing a case in future ( if at all u opt for practice) come on Lawctopus and crib about how the judge was unfair to your client and degrade the judicial system.
    Ofcourse we will leave no stone unturned to make SYMFIESTA bigger n bigger and more successful but as they say one who tries is the one who succeeds.
    So stop sulking and enjoy…… YOLO!!! 😀

  3. Greetings Mr. Author!! So here’s a comment from nirma university that you all were awaiting .. we regret the inconvenience that you had to face bcoz of the mismanagement or any other error made UNINTENTIONALLY by the organisers as they are bound to happen considering the fact that this was their first national fest as well.. but let me tell you that a leader is called to be a “good leader” if the majority of his people are happy and satisfied with his work. So based on thay argument, statistically speaking, there are more than 60000 law students in various law schools of India. Out of those lets assume 1 percent attends our fest i.e is 600 students and out of these 600 if 599 are satisfied and not complaining of anything, we are hardly concerned about that one dissatisfied and disappointed soul. Cheers to the 599 who were happy to be here and good luck to that one dude for all the further fests that he attends!! I hope this comment answers his grievances!! Unless and until these numbers do not interchange, we are good to go!! 😉

  4. Mr. Kapoor my name is Zameer and I participated in Symfiesta at Symbiosis Law School,Noida…
    Here is my experience of the fest.. I participated in Symfiesta’s group dance competition and my team got the first position in the event.. The organising students were extremely caring and very congenial.. I even remember two of them named Nainshree and Dishti.. These people gave away the prizes and goodies on the same day itself… My whole team of 15 people thoroughly enjoyed performing at Symfiesta.. And we are looking to participate there in their next fest as well…

    Mr. Kapoor it is absolutely unacceptable to make such harsh and absurd comments on others efforts.. These people put a lot of labour and hard work to execute and organise there events, you just cannot make your own ‘far from reality’ hypothesis and talk ill about them..
    So my kind request to you is to take down this post and make a apology to all those guys whom you have hurt by this article of yours..

  5. for a first fest symfiesta was good. it was fun. it is a fact that too many host teams went through to the latter stages in too many events but that may be a coincidence. as far as hospitality is concerned, that was one thing for which there should be no criticism. ms Apoorva and Mr Shubham rathi were available at all possible junctures and made our stay as good as it was possible for them to arrange.

  6. Dear Harshad,
    SO we really really slogged for this fest and gave it our best shot. We don’t intend to gang up on anybody. Sorry if your experience was not all good but there was no partiality that is for sure. The judges did not know which college the participants were from. Hope you have a better experience next time around. Peace out.

  7. Also Mr author please let us know the final dates of any I repeat “ANY” event happening in your college would really love to attend it!! And then post such articles!! If you couldn’t win that doesn’t mean the fest was sad that’s completely your bad my boy!!

  8. My article includes not only my experience but of several other people and moreover the points that i have highlighted are not just about symby but a combined experience of both the fests.

  9. Hahaha. I attended your fylc moot. It was quite a disaster too. Take this as a healthy criticism but you really need to work on your hospitality thing. Another thing i would like to point out is thAt please read the analysis of the ranka moot court competition on loctopus itself. It would really clear out the kind of mi conception you have about your moot court. It’s been tagged as one of the most biased moot event ever. And many other relevant and true things are written in thy article. It would really open up your eye. Thanks.

  10. Dear Harshad, I am from Nirma, for the first time we have organised such huge event, thank you for your great suggestions, we will put them into consideration from next time. More explanations for your queries will be given soon, and you would have come to us at the event time if you felt it was mis managed !! any way any specific complain from your side for nirma ?

  11. @harshad Kapoor- I second u on the point that fest are meant for fun which was slightly missing in Symbi Noida symfeista and perhaps things were somewhat mismanaged and lacked coordination beside level of hospitality was not that which symbi pune’s symbhav does but at the same time we need to realize it was their first fest and i can find no problem whether its cash prize amount or the efforts done by SLS Noida. Perhaps the home team winning was a result of lack of participation which is not in hands of the host college perhaps if they have next edition of their fest u along with ur friends can solve that problem for them by participating in more events and in greater number. On the point that home team is winning and outstationed time is discouraged I totally disagree with u Try to understand that symbi has tried its best to provide u the best competition and if u are unable to match the home team and if home team has performed well why should the participants not to be awarded? True talent shall always be appreciated

    @symbi noida- guys please realize that there were certain issues in managing the fest which u should try to improve rather than fighting like school kids ganging up and defending ur college. Ur action should answer rather than ur words which I am sure u will answer in next fest by better organizing and keep up to the standards of ur sister pune college’s Symbhav.
    Beside its a matter of shame for u that the administrator from Lawctopus is highlighting that a single I.P address is making several comments and if that is not stopped it shall be ban those ids. You are trying to defend something which you should appreciate and accept boldly so that u can improve rather than taking it personally. I have not seen a single comment from Nirma and its symbi noida only that is posting so much. Is it like u urself knew that there had been many blunders from u and now u r trying to cover them by groupism ? Learn some sportsmanship yourself. Instead of finding grammatical error in various comments, apply that mind in rectifying ur mistakes and perhaps its time for some introspection so that ur next fest could be more FUN WITH MORE COLLEGES RATHER HAVING OWN STUDENTS EVERYWHERE . And if u have so much to fight on a fact PLEASE DO NOT USE ANONYMOUS AND HAVE AUDACITY TO FIGHT ON UR NAME. Beside expressing someone disappointment is not defamatory its a freedom of speech and it form fair comment and well within the limit of Art 19(2) Kindly refer ur law books as such wrong interpretation of law clearly raise the question on the ur academics too.

    • Same I.P adress because hostel students use the college WiFi, which means they will all have same I.p adress by default. We very well understand that we had issues in managing the fest because of our no prior experience but when you say that our competitions were rigged and we did not pay the participants the amount we promised, without any proof, Its a defamatory statement. Art 19(2) comes with a restriction. We accept our faults, but we will not accept any false allegation. And if those points were not written for us(this is what the author claims), he should have specifically mentioned it. Because if you read this article in one go, it very well reflects that we were a part of those malpractices. Anyway the damage has been done and nothing can be done about it. From next time we will make sure that you, or anyone else isnt disappointed from our services. Peace 🙂

      • @Animesh – dude chillll…….
        Even I said the same 😛
        I found no issue with the cash amount perhaps it was quite goood and SLS Noida tried it best and gave their best and I know when first time fests are organised such minor issues are bound to happen. Kindly re read the post as i guess in zeal of irritation u went through my post. I kept my words of appreciation wherever SLS noida did good and on the authors point of home team winning Criticized. I him have no issue of home team winning until they perform and there is no partiality.
        I raised the issues because I found few guys trying to find grammar errors in Harshad’s post or alleging him for defamation. Dude u need to realize that such action of symbians goes against u and writing a critic is never defamation . And I hope U will come out with much more fun in next fest and keep up to the level of Symbi pune . Peace 🙂

  12. It’s just sad how your incompetency to perform has led you to criticize an entire fest. I am sure there will be future fests where you will be able to perform 🙂 good luck ! Also, BAD ARTICLE , hope to read a better critique from you in future.

    • madam with due respect we secured third position in the moot but it is no justice to send a host team to the final.
      my intentions are not to hurt anyones feeling or send a derogatory remark but to reveal the mismanagement which may help u to improve ur fest.
      and for ur kind information i have also given example of mismanagement in my own college

      • Mr. Harshad, this is no where mentioned in the published rules & regulations of the Symfiesta,14 that hosts are barred from participation at all, moreover, when you compete, have a courage of losing and learning, if a team performed well before an impartial judge, it did indeed, you could have questioned the same then and there. Your remarks are understandably a frustration of a looser. So, minting some bucks sleuth.

  13. I recall the way we treated Symbi team when they came for fest and Moot in our college. We allotted them team managers, score sheet, and everything they were desirous of. The way my juniors have narrated how they were treated at your college is shameful. However I was happy to hear when they said that they will never let any guest team go through this kind of experience. It seems like the my college is in better hands. Please do visit us for any event. We got no hard feelings for you.

  14. Its high time you stop complaining and start appreciating. Its time you should stop being a child and show some spirit of sportsmanship. Maybe you had been to a lot of fests, maybe you had a lot of fest to choose from in the same way even Symbiosis had a lot of students to choose from to come an participate. You came you lost. Stop being so girlish.

    • thank u sir
      neither i lost nor i m crying for whatever happened
      students at symby are awsom and i made a lot of frnds there

    • How “GIRL-ish” indeed.

      I don’t know about organizing national level festivals, but you seem to have got the chauvinism down pat. Good going!

  15. Unfortunately Symbi Fest was a disappointment. We thought that this post on lawctopus will serve as a feedback but what we are experiencing is an active retaliation for our genuine remarks. Perhaps an apology on your part would have served the purpose but it seems like host values has replaced with ego.

  16. listen u whatever i guess u think u are a looser and u were not able to grab any prize in the fest so its just your frustration…grow up . and just because your college had a bad experience that does not mean that our college will also go through the same.. for your kind information all the prizes were given immediately to the participants and the rest were sent by post.We rocked . It was a great success. So mind your words and posting this stupid article does not make u smart enough to compete with our college.

  17. Symfiesta ’14 was not at all a sad event, it was really a very good experience , even I could not win but that does not mean that the events were rigged.And as far as the hospitality is concerned , even I arrived a day earlier but faced no hindrance , thanx to Mr Subham Rathi and Apoorva.

  18. I’m a student of Maharaja Agrasen College, DU. I visited the fest, and knowing it’s just the first time Symbi was doing a fest of this calibre, I was mighty impressed.
    As far as teams and individuals winning is concerned, I guess Symbi only won 2 events, so saying it was rigged is absolutely baseless. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean it was rigged. Show some sportsmanship!
    Secondly, just because your college practiced something in its first fest doesn’t mean that the other colleges also do that. I had a great time! Can’t wait for the next edition. 🙂

    • Well, well, well.

      10 comments suggesting ‘strongly’ that the Symbi Noida fest was a thundering success.

      No comments about Nirma!

      Clearly something is fishy here.

      @ Symbians from the North: it’s great to feel proud of your college, but to gang-up and smother any criticism probably isn’t the way forward…though you have every right to do so.

      Lots of the comments are from the same person/IP address and we might ban such users from commenting.

      • Hey admin, it was me who tried to comment 2-3 times because the post wasn’t showing my comments. Anyway sorry for the inconvenience. We(SLS N) are not ganging up, we have told students who came to our fest to write about their experience. You should understand that there is a difference between opinion and making a statement. And I don’t know about Nirma but well we do care about our college’s reputation, which is being degraded here. We always welcome healthy criticism. But we do not welcome such baseless allegations. So its a sincere request to the author that he should contact us and ask us for any record he wants for his satisfaction. We believe in accountability and fairness 🙂

      • ILNU would not comment because even if symbians were lacking only in some parts because of their first fest ILNU broke all records of mismanagement and there are many tings that i hv nt disclosed till now about NIRMA

      • Hello Admin…how are you doing? Enough has already been spoken about our fest. So I just thought I would brush up your knowledge a bit about wireless interlinking. Many comments from same IP address simply don’t mean that it is one user making all of them. Our college being a residential one happens to have a common WiFi connection with a common IP address. In simple words, every machine using the WiFi connection will ‘for obvious reasons’ have the same IP address. In even simpler words (this one might be the most helpful one) every hostel student use the same WiFi connection hence every hostel student has the SAME IP address…….Have a good night (after being enlightened about wireless interlinking).

        P.S. Oh another enlightening piece of information, WiFi stands for wireless fidelity. 😉

        • Sure. But you guys have clearly ganged-up 🙂

          Ganged-up means deciding to drill down your version of truth because it’s the case of one vs. many.

          And the many decide to gang-up not because their version is the ‘sole truth’ but because you want to project it in that manner.

          • Dear Admin, we accept the fact of mismanagement. But there were certain allegations made. And if they were not made for symbiosis law school, the author should have clearly mentioned it. Students from our college are not fighting against the point of mismanagement or bad hospitality. Its about the false claims which are degrading our college’s credibility.

  19. Well, to say, SymFiesta’14 wasn’t a success would be untrue rather, I’m shocked to hear about your disappointments, the level established by the college with its First National Youth Fest, is remarkable.

    In regard to your disappointments, Firstly, yes true, the bikers weren’t from our college but well, it was by a renowed group of bikers and was only for entertainment purposes. And, importantly, has any college up till now hosted a bike show? None to knowledge.
    Secondly, regarding the timings of each event, it was already updated on our facebook pages as well as was available at every corner of the campus.
    Thirdly, when a college hosts, about 40plus events, it definitely becomes difficult to schedule them in a manner that is convenient to each participating team.
    And finally, about the legal events, well they noticed a commendable level of participation from colleges across the country. And well, in any particular event, if you felt the number of teams were comparatively lesser, then your chances of winning would have definitely increased.

    But, we apologise for all the inconveniences caused to you and your team.

    • NUALS’ annual fest NAALAM hosted a bike show. The renowned group of bikers who go by the name of “Ghost Ryderz” performed here. And since this fest was before Symbi Fest, then the answer to your question is yes, NUALS has hosted a bike show.

  20. Just because your college organized a rigged moot court competition, doesn’t mean other colleges do it too. And please get some English tuitions. It seems you are one frustrated loser who couldn’t win in both the fests so you planned to get some publicity by defaming the 2 colleges. And well, i must say you’ve done a good job here. I just hope the college doesnt take any legal action against you for the false allegations. Best of luck bro !!

  21. Mr. Whateverthehellyournameis,
    This was the first national festival of Symbiosis Law School Noida, and given the calibre of the college and the efficiency regarding the events and the cash prizes given, one can safely say that it was a very good first festival for a new college which is 4 and a half years old.
    This maybe your personal experience, and after reading we assumed you to be a student of one of the top institutions in this country but coming from a nothing college in Rajasthan to comment in such a way is only a reflection on your obnoxious attitude, whereas many students who participated thanked us and the way everything went, one doesn’t expect it to be perfect. It maybe your lack of infact not just skill but everything that you didn’t win anything there. And for that, i am deeply saddened. Not really.
    Thank you. May you go to the Ivy Leagues someday to satisfy your ‘calibre’. But here, the start was commendable and we will keep on getting better and better every year.
    Thank you.

    • Mr. Ronaq it is not the sole right of the students in renowned colleges of this country to write an article.
      I really appreciate ur feelings but you should understand that even if ur fest was a success I found some events not being up to the mark and so when I found the same thing in Nirma (in a more aggravated form) I thought of writing this aritcle

      • Harshad Kappor..
        I suggest u buudy pls manage some local fest at ur university level only…nd v guys surely write a review abt it…
        Nd hope u noe mr, dron yadav ur president…at the time whn left nirma his words is lyk ‘ yrr nxt tym hmko bulana yrrr..srsly bht maja kia’..nd sir in national fest we don’t gonna give u any attention lyk aapne schedul lia ya nai nd all…pls sir every uni. Having help desk.over dere pls go nd ask dem for schedule, though it was mailed to u earlier..but atleast for.ur knwledge m suggesting u to better learn d moot court rules as well as d commenting skill too…
        U r nthng to cmnt on a reputed uni.
        Mind it.

  22. Whatever read above makes no sense to me. I too was a part of this amazing fest held by Symbi. Being its 1st national fest, it was commendable. The effort by both students and the faculty was respectable. The idea of making a fest into CARNIVAL was awesome. I had never seen any college doing such investments on artists, stage etc. The bike show, the fashion show, MEDIEVAL PUNDITZ etc was just so good. HATS OFF TO SYMBIOSIS LAW SCHOOL for starting up something like this and giving a FEST a NEW FACE. (Y)

  23. Symfiesta’14 premiered a new version of entertainment, enjoyment, amusement, excitement and gratification and it indeed was a perfect definition of fun.
    Three days of the fest were bright & beezy and witnessed the best of gentry of renowned judges and participants form various universities.
    This being our first endeavor we tried to create the best of ambiance and the best of everything for the people visiting the fest and we did achieve our desired goal as Our efforts are still being appreciated on various social websites, not to forget our facebook page which has currently 7514 followers, which in itself is a great achievement.
    Waking up to the above post was of great disappointment but we do believe that although criticisms are not agreeable, they are necessary.
    The basic aim of every competition is to reward the talent and appreciate the same keeping this in mind we had the best panel of judges for various competitions, and after all this if a participant feels that the constant and adamant efforts were not appreciated then the only thing that we could say as of now is we don’t doubt the decision of the best.
    • Host teams were allowed to participate so as to encourage and promote the potential and talent they possess and if they out beat anybody it doesn’t amount to discouragement as it’s a very negative way of accepting someone else’s win.
    • The schedule was put at almost 20 places in the college which was sufficient enough to bring it to participants notice, moreover a copy of the schedule was also available at the registration desk and we thought that it would suffice the purpose.
    • Clash of events is a very basic part of every fest, the schedule was there to guide the participants in respect of which event they should participate in so that they don’t lose on registration fee.
    • Symfiesta’14 stood by what it promised and every winner was awarded appropriately.
    • The certificates and cash prizes were given immediately to the participants and the rest were sent by post.
    We not only did it wonderfully but also did the best.

    • Sorry to say that many of the participants and performers were not paid immediately. They were given an extended date of April 7th. And worse, they haven’t yet been paid – It’s exactly been a month since the fest is over. I understand that a lot of hard work is put in to organizing an event like this, and a few things can surely go wrong here and there – that’s fine! But not paying people on time always leaves a sour taste in the mouth and is super unprofessional.

      • Mr Karan, please let us know the names of the participants who have not yet recieved their prize money, and also the event they participated. From our side we had sent all the prizes long time back. But since you are saying this, we will look into the matter and revert back to you.

  24. As per the institution carrying its first national fest, i guess its commendable of them reaching up to this much, than commenting and taking out the falsies, in what the fest was, and what it could have been. Every start is accompanied with some accomplishment and some loopholes. The way it took the first step, is worth appreciating. As per the previous comments, I guess Symbiosis is the first University who came with the “Bike Show”. And moreover are we even concerned with the bikers being people of the college or not. This is a Law college, I presume!!!

    Moreover, with time, the institution will come up with participation, that no college will ever see. And most importantly, the legal events were a success!! Being a Law college, the participation there was applaudable.

    And if there had been Less of participants.. chances of Winning were even more.. Hope u Witnessed some 😀

  25. Symbiosis Law school, NOIDA even had pictures put on their website of these super bikers, which were later seen as people of not even their college. They could have used that time planning their events better. Just Saying :/

    • Yes, these bikers were from outside, because it was supposed to be like that. It was the Black Piston Bikers group, they promoted our fest in return of we letting them perform in our college. Moreover the head of the Black Piston Group is Mr Abhishek Chaddha’s father, and he is a 4th Year law student in our college. Just Saying 🙂

      • Being the first national fest of the institution i guess, it was worth appreciating the efforts that were put in. Every start is accompanied with some accomplishments and failures. And i guess in no way we should come up bombarding with what the fest was , and what it could have been,

        Moreover the college went far with the participation in the legal field. And that is what matters more. And as per the previous comments, symbiosis is the first college that ever held a “bike show” in the fest, moreover y are we even concerned with the bikers being people of college or not, this is a law college, I presume 😀

        And the way the college organised the 1st fest, it will have way too much of participation that any college will ever see in the near future.
        And if the participation was low. Chancing of wining was even more..

        Hope u witnessed some 😀

      • I wish you would have clarified about balck pistons then rather than making symbi noida look a law school of brat superbikers. However good you clarified, law school and bikers anyway dont seem to go hand in hand. Should have promoted a bit more intellectual side of symbi. Marketing strategy advice. Take it!

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