Your Fests Were Sad! @ Symfiesta of Symbiosis Noida and @ Vibes, Nirma University

By Harshad Kapoor

Its 11 PM on 13TH April 2014 and I am in the bus, returning to Jaipur after another ridiculous and disappointing experience.

Being a 4th year law student I have been to many fests and I think that a trend has started where every college wants to organize its own fest to show its creativity and innovation.

But are we going too fast!

In a haste to organize a fest the colleges miss out on quality, accountability, exposure, experience and (the most important) fun. They just end up leaving the participants in distress.

I don’t know who should I blame the administration or the students for the misconduct but it is a serious problem because people work hard for the event of their choice and it hurts when you are not rewarded for your constant and adamant efforts.

We belong to a fraternity where we learn about justice everyday but we are the ones who are making a mockery of it.

symbiosis law school noida, symfiesta
Oonchi dookan, Pheeka pakwan

In recent past I had 2 very bad experiences at fests organized by one of the renowned colleges of this –one is Symfiesta organized by Symbiosis Law School, Noida and the second is Vibes organized by Institute of Law, Nirma University.

This is what I experienced –

1. Host team being declared as the winners/ runner up and the outstation teams being discouraged.

2. The teams had to suffer when they are not provided with the schedule on time and they arrive at the fest one or two days before the date of their event adding to their hospitality cost. Moreover, due to clash of events students registering for more than one event have to skip some of the events rendering their registration amount useless.

3. Host not abiding by the declared prize money and the number of prizes being given. It has been a personal experience when hosts promise to give awards to the top three teams but end up awarding the winners.

4. Host not abiding by the rules of the competition. It has also been experienced that in an extempore moot the opposite party was having prepared memorials because they were dummy team and they had a moot on the same topic.

5. Certificates and cash prizes not being given at the valedictory.

6. No disclosure of marks and ranking.

7. Inadequacy of the participants is also a problem. Teams registering for a competition find themselves in a pathetic situation when they find that only five or six teams are taking part in the event and this decreases their interest in the event.

All these things clearly indicate that the colleges concentrate on just organizing a fest and not to give a memorable and wonderful experience to the participants. These practices develop in students a negative impact about new fests.

I remember when our college (University Five Year Law College, University Campus, Jaipur) did the same thing in the Ranka Moot Court Competition which damaged the reputation of our college badly.

We need to organized a few good events and that is it.

vibes, nirma law university, law school fest
Sad vibes 🙁

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