YOU are the Christmas Gift for Lawctopus: Thank YOU for YOU

Dear law student,

You are our only reader, one and only, you, you, you.

And you are our only contributor.

You, law student, YOU.

You are our creator, you are our preserver and you are our destroyer.

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And we love you! We even worship you.

Thank you for showing trust in Lawctopus, for reading the posts, for contributing towards that, for commenting, liking, for your advice, for making Lawctopus a useful place to be in, thank you for being you.

This year, according to the conservative Google Analytics (:P) we’ve had more than 10 lakh visits (1,085,462). This came through more than 4 lakh unique visitors (433,786) and lead to nearly 27 lakh page views (2,759,526).

This further lead to crores of revenues through ads. Kidding. 🙂

This is phenomenal, just a numeric representation of your love and trust, of what the Lawctopus’ community today stands for.

We’ll continue putting sincere efforts in delivering you content that is useful for you. We also hope that you’ll contribute actively towards it! See HERE (no, not this time).

At the same time, Lawctopus is run by humans (surprise!) and we are subject to the human follies.

Sometimes we are lazy and might not publish your internship experience on time.

Sometimes we are forgetful, and might not do it at all.

At times, we get angry and might reply to a comment angrily.

At times, we are supercilious and are replies to you are arrogant.

Sometimes, we suck. Plain and simple.

Apologies for that. We hope that you’ll forgive us.

But our commitment towards serving law students in India with useful content trumps our follies, more often than not.

We take no holidays, and Neeati works for you even during her internships. Poor girl (but we pay her a lot, like, in lakhs).

We’ll continue doing our best, with utmost sincerity.

That’s a promise!

Thank you for you.

YOU, dear law student, make Lawctopus.

And we love you!

Merry Christmas!

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