We provide legal services in following specified fields-Criminal Laws, Arbitration, Aviation, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets and Securities Law, Civil Law, Competition/Antitrust Law.

We are inviting applications for online internship of law students (undergraduate), for various works such as Drafting, Legal Research etc.

Last date to send the names is 24th June 2018 at 1200 hrs. Interested candidates shall mail their CVs at this address: delhi.yadavassociates@gmail.com


We’re looking for focused and enthusiastic young law students who can research, write, structure and draft the Legal Content.


Minimum for 1 Month.

  • Once your complete application has been received, you will be notified if you get selected. Please do not follow up through phone calls. Emails will be entertained.
  • The internship offers will remain open for acceptance for 5 working days from the date of the offer. If we do not hear from you within that period we will assume that the offer is rejected and it will be withdrawn and offered to the next successful applicant.
  • Any instance of lack of accountability or more than three instances of inordinate delay in submitting the work or responding to the email instructions may result in revocation of your position as a intern at any time without a prior notice.
  • Every intern will be provided with the Internship Certificate, after their successful completion of the internship.


For any query you can contact us at 7983626545

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