Internship Experience @ YS Rathore & Associates, Karnal, Haryana: Work on family disputes and criminal matters

Intern Details

Name: Muskaan Satija

College : Law College Dehradun, Dehradun (Uttrakhand)

Year of Study: Fourth Year

Exact Duration of the Internship

Dec 19, 2012 to Jan 18, 2013

Name of the Organisation, City

Y.S. Rathore & Associates, Chamber No: 555 District Court, Karnal (Haryana)

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Team Strength

The team was headed by Hon’ble Sr. Counsel Mr. Yashwant Singh Rathore and supported by three associates Mr. Sumit Goyal, Mr. Ashish Sharma, Mr. Gaurav Mehla.

However I was a law intern with Mr. Y.S. Rathore throughout my internship.

Application Procedure

No formal procedure was executed. Since reference about this internship was given to me by my passport agent, so thankfully there were no complex procedures to be followed.

I had a word with him on phone he told me to send my CV. I don’t know whether he liked my CV or found me inquisitive. I believe the latter reason to be true.


I interned for about four weeks, the court timings were 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, I was never asked to stay beyond 5 but I never left the chamber before 7.

Internships are very tiring and rigorous so be prepared to be on a roll.


As Karnal is my home town accomodation was not an issue. The District Court from my home is just 650 metres, so it took five minutes to reach there. Karnal District Court is situated near Sector-12 Urban Estate.

Attention: Though interns in need of an accomodation can find it easily near the civil hospital chowk which is just 500 metres from the court, and the place is full of PG’s and restaurants.

Try taking a PG near civil lines, model town, Sec-12 or Sec-13 as commutation would not be a problem from the mentioned places. Although the public transport is very efficient even for the remote areas.

First impression, First day

When I was at the entrance of the District lawyer’s Chamber Complex, I saw an old age Advocate while he was entering the complex before he could step in he bowed and touched the floor I really liked the gesture of respect.

Since then during my entire internship I did the same, the habit continued I do the same while entering my college.

How big was the office?

Considering the fact that the chambers were in the court complex, it was just spacious enough to accommodate the clients and the associates. As I entered I wished everybody there were three associates other than my Sr. Counsel.

Sir introduced me to all of them. I got to know two of them were Alumni of my college except Mr. Ashish Sharma who did his law from Punjab University.

Then Sir was telling about his experiences and asked me what all subjects I have studied so far.

Then all of them started discussing about cases which were due on that day after that, they moved towards the court and Mr. Rajkumar (Clerk) was handling the files and important papers related to the cases. As we were moving towards it Sir told me to be a keen observer.

Main tasks

Type of work 

Family disputes, criminal disputes but less of civil. Specialization in criminal matters.

Consultancy was regular task there. Our work was divided on the preferences we choose.

My main work was mainly related to research and thorough reading of the case files, attending primary screening of the cases and carefully observing and listening to the arguments made by Sr. Counsel.

I was asked to prepare arguments, questions for cross examination, prepare legal notice and then discussion with Sir. I also interacted with fellow associates and other learned counsels in the court premises.

I had the privilege of sharing sometime during lunch timings with Justice Tarunnum Khan.

I witnessed court proceedings and the most fascinating was to see the public prosecutor and my Sr. Counsel arguing on criminal matters.


Neither there was any stipend nor I was expecting.

Bad thing

I regret that I didn’t learn how to draft a case. 🙁

Biggest Lesson 

Nobody is born best, but the only thing you possess is your work ethic and integrity.

Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Best thing

Receiving good remarks from Honorable Justice. Tarunnum Khan.

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