Are You Worried About Writing Quality Research Papers?

Writing is looked at as an inherent quality that law students are presumed to be born with, or acquired in the course of their law degree.

If one took a survey of the basic challenges that a law student needs to face on an everyday basis, you will get to know how pivotal writing is to each of these challenges.

Right from class notes, to projects which should pass the plagiarism check, from moot memos to research papers, judgment writing competitions to case analysis, it looks like a legal degree is designed to be a writing task on an everyday basis.

What makes the situation worse, is that every recruiter is looking at the CV from the same perspective.

Here are some of the common questions that a law recruiter asks:

  1. How many research papers have you published to date?
  2. What were the projects that you undertook during your law school?
  3. Can you draft a contract? What are the standard clauses of a contract?
  4. How many moots have you participated in? Did you win anything in any moot?

The emphasis on writing as a quintessential trait that a lawyer must possess has taken a toll on may law students of the country. If you look at the statistics as per this article, not even 40% of the law students are not able to land up in half a decent job.

The recruiters are not hesitant to say, that this is primarily because the quality of the CV does not meet our requirements.

If more than 90% of the CV composition is based on writing tasks, isn’t it a wrong expectation to have from every law student alike. An expectation of everyone having a flair for writing?

The flag bearers of traditional law schools argue, that this imparting practical education to the law students.

However, the inherent problem with this argument is manifold.

First, not every law student is designed to grasp and write the way others can.

Secondly, if you look at the practical world, most of the filings are based on the already existing memo’s on the same set of laws, the contracts have their templates, and the case notes are extracts of articles available.

If you are someone who is struggling with research papers, research projects, article writing, case analysis, moot memorials and any writing assignments under the sun, we have a solution for you.

Introducing, Jus Dicere, a research assistance platform where we help you achieve your dream of securing publications, submitting original projects before the deadline and winning the best memo award at your dream moot come true.

With a base of 10000+ customer family and over 1000 publications, we are evolving to help you with any assignments that can make a difference in the rigmarole of your law school.

What services do we have for you?

Presently, we provide you prompt research assistance solutions for the below-mentioned:

  1. Research Papers/ Research Assignments for seminars or publication
  2. Moot Court Memo for National and International Moots
  3. Case Analysis of National and International Cases
  4. Any other assignment that you want.
Our research service is structured to assist you in the following ways:

Selection of a topic, where we assist in providing an array of contemporary legal issues matching your interest and narrowing down on an appropriate fit.

Providing reading material, where we provide a list of mandatory and complementary readings to be skimmed through before attempting to write.

Constructing the paper, where we help structure and compartmentalize the paper into relevant segments.

Suggesting appropriate journals, to send one’s paper for a higher possibility of a successful publication.

Note: The research writing service that is offered by Jus Dicere is of assistance in research & not for submitting content.
What are the costs involved?

We believe in helping the student community at large, for minimal prices. To be able to cater to your need we have packages starting from ₹399/-

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