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Summer School Workshop ‘Nayi Dishaayein’ @ Sambhaavnaa Institute [June 3-11, Himachal]: Register by May 10

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Sambhaavnaa Institute in India is organising a 10 Day Summer School called Nayi Dishaayein between June 3-11, 2015 at the institute premises in Kandbari, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.


Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics is now into the fourth year of its Nayi Dishayein series. The Nayi Dishayein series aims to engage young minds, who are inclined towards the social sector, in developing a fresh and holistic lens to look at significant social-political-economic issues of our times.

Through lectures and discussions, film screenings and collective reflection, interactive sessions and group-work, and, live experience sharing by activists, an attempt is made at re-examining and deepening our current understanding of pertinent issues.

The 2015 Summer School: Decrypting Development, Rethinking Development

‘Development’ is indeed the pre-eminent buzzword of our times. Anything and everything becomes excusable if it serves at the altar of Development.

The cause receives a unanimous yes from citizens as diverse as the ‘savvy metropolitan’ to the ‘struggling villager’. And recently, it has also become the most effective rhetoric to win elections!

However, those of us who are willing to look at the issue a little more carefully are left confounded by the double-edged nature of the current notion of Development.

While it appears to offer plausible solutions to some of our pressing problems, it also multiplies many of them, not to mention the creation of some entirely new ones in its wake!

Ten days is not a very long time – and the topic at hand is all-encompassing, vexed, and severely contested. This program attempts to make a beginning in looking at the issues with some rigour – in the hope that a deeper understanding might help us think more clearly about the way ahead.

Broad contours of the curriculum

Development today is seen primarily as an economic concept, and hence the workshop starts by understanding the economic history of humans from foraging societies to the neo-liberal capitalism of today, seeking to figure where and how ‘development’ emerged, and got shaped, in this journey.

The idea is to bring to the fore many questions that are not only, not being answered, but not even being raised by mainstream economics and economists of today.

The costs of Development: a flavour of some of the social, ecological, and political implications of the current development model.

Does rethinking development only involve changes in the world outside us – in our social-political-economic systems, or is there a dimension within, that often gets overlooked by the ‘regular’ social sciences?

In other words, can we usher in a new world without personal transformation, without a relook at what we deem today as the ‘good life’, as a ‘worthy human being’, as a ‘good society and polity’? Exploring some of our key assumptions, beliefs, and aspirations along the above dimensions would also constitute an important part of the program.

What are the key areas that need a revamp as we move ahead? Are there some ‘alternative’ green shoots that are showing us the way, giving us hope? The program would also aim to explore some such initiatives, directions.

The workshop does not claim to offer any ready answers, or very evident interventions to get going with, at the end of ten days! It seeks more to throw pointers at the kind of system we ought to be working towards, piece by piece, as conditions permit.

So if you are in the age group 20-26, and if you have thought-read-worked around these issues; if these questions perplex you; if you are looking to understand the interconnections between different problems that you see around you; and if you want to reflect collectively, please come on board.

Enlist for the Summer School at Sambhaavnaa, a 10-day residential program that aims to critically engage the participant to decode, and rethink the current concepts of ‘Development’ that pervade our society and public policy.

Sambhaavanaa has earlier organised similar workshops titled ‘Rethinking Development’ – which used to debate development, but also had a considerable focus on sensitising youth to social issues.

The workshop this time is focussed more on ‘Development’ and wishes to go into much more depth on the matter. We would thus be keen to have participants who have a fair degree of interest in this topic, and have been reading/mulling/volunteering over this issue on their own.

Program Facilitator: Praveen Singh

Language: Bilingual (English and Hindi)


Rs. 5400 ; this includes program fee, food and stay

[Need-based fee waivers are available. Do not let your inability to pay, be the reason for not applying.

But the number of fee waivers we can give are limited, so please apply for financial support if you really need it. Do remember, there may be others who need it more than you!]


You may preferably belong to the age group of 20-26 with any academic background; you may have volunteered with action groups in your area; may have worked briefly with organizations working for change.

Application Timeline

May 10th, 2015.

We have limited seats –and preference is given to early applicants as it helps us plan our schedule better.


Programs Manager, Sambhaavnaa Institute of Public Policy and Politics

Phone: +91-8894227954 | programs@sambhaavnaa.org

Website is HERE.

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