Workshop on Access and Benefit Sharing by Lucknow University and UP Biodiversity Board [Jan 19]: Register by Jan 10

The Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Biodiversity Board in pursuit of academic excellence is organizing a National Workshop on “Access and Benefit Sharing” on 19th January, 2019 in Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow.

India due to its physiography is a rich heritage of Biological Diversity. Due to the advent of synthetic knowledge subjects like bio-engineering, biochemistry and biotechnology emerged which are used for commercial exploitation of bio-resources and need is felt to regulate the affair to maintain biological diversity. Access and benefit sharing are unique points in law. Preservation of ecology, flora and fauna and its various species and maintenance of riparian and indigenous people’s right and their knowledge is an uphill task

The workshop is an endeavour of the Faculty with U.P. State Bio-Diversity Board which is constituted as per the Biodiversity Act, 2002 to appraise and train the various stakeholders of Society for preservation and protection of Bio-diversity and systematic access and benefit sharing.


Farmers, Industry people, law students, Academicians, lawyers, scholars and members of civil society are hereby invited to participate in the National Workshop. Prior registration would be necessary so as to ensure proper arrangement of the workshop. The prospective participants are also expected to forward their itinerary well in advance. No TA/DA shall be provided by the University and therefore the participants should obtain the same from their respective institutions.

Major Themes/Sub-Themes of the Workshop
  •  Overview Of CBD And Biological Diversity Act
  •  Bio-Piracy
  •  Access And Benefit Sharing
  •  Role Of NBA And SBB
  •  Future Of Biological Diversity:  Challenges And Prospects

The venue of the seminar shall be New Campus, Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow which is easily accessible from Airport and Charbagh Railway Station Lucknow

Registration Fee

The registration form is given here.

The Registration Fee for the workshop is Rs. 200 for students, Rs. 300 for Research scholars and Rs. 400 for Academicians and others. There shall be no registration fee for Farmers.


  1. Registration Form may kindly be forwarded to the following e-mail: [email protected]
  2. The last date for Registration is 10th January 2019.
  3. There shall be a screening of the participants, and selected participants will receive a mail regarding their selection. The mail will consist of account details along with the mode of submission of fees for the event.
  4. Only the registered and selected participants shall be allowed to participate in the Workshop.
  5. On the spot registration shall be done on the day of the workshop for farmers and industry people.

There are fifty Seats only. Cap shall not apply to farmers and industry people. The registration forms will go through the screening process and seats shall be allotted on First Come First Serve basis.


Dr. Ashish Kr. Srivastava, Mob 8960675643, 8004831739

Shambhu Nath Mishra, Student Convenor, Mob 9455080286, Email: [email protected].

Click here for the programme flyer.



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