Internship Experience @ White Collar Legal LLP, Pune: Working as CS intern since 2 months

Your Name

Sameer D. Mokashi

Name of the organisation, Location (city)

White Collar Legal LLP, Shivajinagar

Application process with contact Details

Submit your CV to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected]

Submit your CV application with a 500 word statement of purpose.

Duration, Timings

Two (2) months and ongoing, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

I was reporting to Miss Isha M. Eklaspur from day one. She was friendly and introduced me to the people around. She then guided me through all the paraphernalia in the office, as to where what is kept, how the things work and most importantly, what to do and not do at office. She is the partner at the firm and extremely helpful and teaches all the required procedures around the office.

Along with Miss Isha, I also have been also been reporting to Mr. Kunal R. Sarpal, the Founder Partner of the firm, he is an amazing guide and an extremely good teacher. He would give certain cases and research articles which help you understand the practical application of work.

Main Tasks

Although I am a legal intern at the firm who is pursuing the course of Company Secretary, I normally get the work of a CS Intern which downright is really amazing as to the work I get and what learn from here and I am understanding the work of a CS in a really better perspective right from form filing to opinion writing, everything a company secretary in employment or in practice would do is taught here.

The firm is the a small firm of approximately eight (8) member along with me, however, the work and the achievements of the firm considering its only been four (4) years since it has incorporated is really worth admiring.

Work environment, People

One word, AMAZING, the people the work and everything is really good here and what you can learn from here is just too good!

Best Things

Learning about the practical experience in this field,

The fact that the people here are extremely helpful and if need be explain what you need help in.

The work environment here is one where you actually feel like working and not be ever unproductive.

Biggest Lessons

I feel the firm teaches one valuable lesson anyone can become great no matter where they started out provided the person is willing to put enough efforts in what they do.


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