Welcome to the World of Lawtoons! Launch on Nov 23, Oxford Bookstore, CP, Delhi

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It is a proven fact that pictures speak louder than words. And we at Lawtoons are striving on the idea with a sole motto to empower young minds through the world of cartoons. Cartoons is a medium through which at Lawtoons want the young minds to perceive and comprehend complex yet fundamental essential laws easily. With this idea Lawtoons is conceptualized.

Today, the civic curriculum in majority of the schools often ignore the basic legal education and puts off young minds from understanding laws or fundamental rights. This unfortunately, results in a society where most people find it difficult to relate to the idea of laws and legal systems.

Our experience in giving presentations on laws and fundamental rights in schools has made us realize that most people do not understand the nuances of the system and how it works, and law books, through the use of technical words make it all the more difficult to understand even the most basic laws, which affect each and every one of us.

Lawtoons helps solve this problem by making the legal system easily understandable to everyone it affects. We make interesting and inspiring cartoons on different laws and rights, which children and grown-ups enjoy reading.

Lawtoons is being launched on 23rd November 2017 at 6:00 PM at Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

At the inauguration of Lawtoons, we will be launching a compendium created on the subject of the fundamental rights as per the Constitution of India. This compendium is prepared with an extensive empirical research study conducted over a period on the target audience itself i.e. children/students.

Our compendium on the fundamental rights has been highly applauded by the children, academic community, legal fraternity and any other reader per se belonging to any sector. Lawtoons is designed in such a manner that it fits each and every mindset.

We have held workshops in the Municipal Schools as well as in international board school in Ahmedabad in order to understand the sensitivity of the issue of unawareness about law in general in the children. We then offered them the Lawtoons compendium and asked what they preferred to study from – their textbooks or the comic. The answer, as you can guess, was a unanimous vote for Lawtoons!

We believe that there is an immense potential in the Lawtoons as an initiative towards basic law education. By bringing together the idea of laws using the form of cartoons, Lawtoons can have tremendous impact by changing the way people, especially the children, perceive the idea of law. Lawtoons is also an educational alternative to the existing world of comics and fictions, which the parents would want their children to read and watch.

You can find more details about Lawtoons, including reading a free comic, at www.lawtoons.in.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch!


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