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Lawctopus and Academike are together organising a series of webinars on law and gender. For the first talk in the series ‘Talking LGBTQIA+ Activism and Law’, we will have a wonderful panel comprising, Activist and Advocate Vivek Divan, Advocate Amritananda Chakravorty and Program Manager Nazariya Jitender Narayanan Bhardwaj.

webinar on law and gender
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The series will pan over three months and will be the first in its kind that will talk about gender marginalisation and the role of law in framing gender identities. Going forward, we hope to engage with more inclusive panels, including activists, academics and advocates who also identify as transmen and transwomen, among others. But for that, we will need your support!

‘Talking LGBTQIA+ Activism and Law’ will be the first in the series.

This talk is extremely crucial as it will talk about the LGBTQIA+ activism and community mobilisation that had begun way before the decriminalisation of Section 377 IPC. The conversation will also highlight how the people from the LGBT community continue to be close-knit in helping each other and taking the movement forward.

We hope to gather how the LGBTQIA+ persons established a sense of community outside their personal space and build activism around it. We will also understand how LGBTQIA+ persons navigate the legal space today and how they challenge the states on an ‘everyday’ basis.

Why You Must Attend!

We promise that the talk will be a fulfilling experience for you to educate and inform yourself. We hope that we can at least bring fissures to the wall of stigmatised views towards LGBTQIA+ persons and provide a more nuanced outlook.

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Our Speakers

Vivek Divan is an advocate and activist. He has been working on the intersection of law, health, queerness and sexuality for more than two decades now. He has written and worked on HIV, TB and LGBTQIA+ concerns and led global-level policy initiatives. He played a critical role in community mobilisation, which led to the Naz Foundation (India) Trust case. Vivek has obtained his law degree from NLSIU, Bangalore, and pursued his LL.M. from Cornell University. He is currently heading the Centre for Health, Equity, Law and Policy, a national-level non-profit legal aid and advocacy organisation.

Adv. Amritananda Chakravorty is a Delhi-based advocate. She specialises in litigation on gender and sexuality and has been provided pro bono services to transwomen and others from the LGBTQIA+ community. She was also actively involved in the landmark cases of decriminalisation of Section 377 IPC and recognising transgender rights in India. Adv. Amritananda did her L.L.B. from Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, and went on to do her L.L.M. from the University of Warwick. She was earlier associated with Lawyers Collective and at present runs Chakravorty Samson & Munoth as a partner.

Jitender N. Bharadwaj (they/them) is a non-binary person working with Nazariya, a Queer Feminist Resource Group based out of Delhi, as a Programme Manager. They have previously worked with organizations like All India Women’s Conference, Beyond Eye, The YP Foundation, Hidden Pockets on a variety of issues like climate change & gender, sexual and reproductive health and rights, etc. Through their work, they have been advocating for equal and equitable spaces for queer and trans persons in every aspect of social life. Jitender has done a double Master’s, first from Delhi University and later from Ambedkar University Delhi. They love cooking and playing online games with their other non-binary & queer friends.

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Be Part Of the Change

You can also send us your experience of the talk and become an ally.

If you attend the entire talk and send us a passage about what you felt and understood or how you would like to be an ally, we will publish the same on Lawctopus in your name.

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Wait, here’s a special one!

As a part of the series, we are also inviting nuanced write-ups specifically from LGBTQIA+ persons and people who consider themselves an ally to the cause. These could be anecdotal, academic and social commentary and legislative/case analysis, not exceeding 4000 words.

Send your entries, here.

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