Internship Experience @ Webarrister and Trinetra and Partners, Bangalore: Friendly Environment, Tech Legal Learnings

Name of the Intern

Supriyo Ranjan Mahapatra

The Tamil Nadu National Law School, Trichy – IInd Year.

Name of the Firm, Address, How was the Office?  and Team strength.

Trinetra and Partners, R. Madhusudhana Reddy, No-209, 2nd floor, Mota Chambers,No.9, Cunningham Road, Entrance from millers road, Bangalore-560052.

Office was having one senior associate and 3 junior associates with other workers.

Email: and

Duration of Internship

7th December, 2015-16th Jan., 2016.

Application Procedure?  Internship Contact details

CV for application of internship can be sent to the above-mentioned email with prior to two months from the date of your internship. I got it through Webarrister, its a start up which is a office management software for lawyers.

I had applied to Webarrister after seeing the post on Lawctopus. I was short-listed and Skype interview was held after a fort-night. Following to it I was given a training session and I was assigned to implement the same in Trinetra and partners.

With Madhusudhana Sir and Anuradha Mam in high court of Karnataka on Dec. 14,2015. Challenging Karnataka Urban Development Act.
With Madhusudhana Sir and Anuradha Mam in high court of Karnataka on Dec. 14,2015. Challenging Karnataka Urban Development Act.
Travelling Details

Anywhere from Bangalore you can reach to Kempegowda Bus station and from there you can go to platform 17 and catch the buses towards Shivaji nagar or towards Indian Express.

You have to get down to Indian Express Bus Stop and then take a walk of 500 mts. And you can reach the office. It is advisable to buy a monthly bus pass for saving time and money in buying tickets.

The office was located on Cunningham road one of the commercialised places of Bangalore. The office located to near high grounds police station.

The office was nearer to high court, city civil court and magistrate court as well and was in a place where the attention of the client is easily attracted towards the office.

Duration In weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

The office provided internship for 3-4 weeks but if the associates are satisfied over your work, they extend it you can see the live-example its right over here.

You are required to attend courts in the morning and then report at the office to work on the cases for the next day. The office used to work on Sundays also. You may be asked to come on Sunday if you are assigned to work on the cases having on Monday.


The office timings are from 9.00 A.M- 8.00 P.M. However it may extend on excessive work. On some days I left office at 09-00 P.M. I swear you won’t be bored a single minute in the office as you might be engaged in some or other work or else debate on the current issues.

How was the office?

The office was small but quite spacious for adapting Interns and associates. Mr. Reddy and his associates had their private chamber for their own inside the office, another place for interns and for other official workers such typist, clerks etc. There was a space for reading room where the clients used to wait in the evening before meeting sir.

The office had very good library with a number of books covering different areas of law starting from LLPs to International Law. All updated journals and online research sources such as scc online and others were available with unlimited internet usage.

First Impression, first day, formalities

I had called sir on the day before the starting of my internship. As he had a busy schedule on that day. He had asked me to report to his office in the 6.00 P.M.

As said by sir I reported to the office early so I had to wait in the reading room as he was busy in a client meeting. The receptionist told about me and after the meeting sir called me to his chamber.

Sir asked me a number of questions as he wanted to my area of interests, so that he could assign me an associate. After few minutes sir told me to research on s.499 of IPC and come to the office.

As usual I reported to the office next day  after some extensive research on it. Then sir assigned me to work under Anuradha mam who was an associate in the office.

First few days in the office

As I was hired by webarrister, I had to teach the typist and clerk and office manager about the usage of webarrister.

For the first few days I asked the case briefs and used to enter  the cases with their record in the cloud based software. When the workers in the office became well aware of the software I started to focus clearly on internship and research.

It was very difficult in doing both the things at the same time working on webarrister and helping the associates. As Anuradha mam was aware of all these things for the first week, she did not gave a lot of tasks but told me to read the case brief so that I will be accustomed with the arguments of the cases on the next day at court.

 Main tasks  

The main tasks involved in the internship was to go through the case briefs, as I was entering the cases in the cloud based software I was aware of most famous cases in the office.

You will be asked to find recent citations on the case on the next day’s cases with highlighting the important part of the judgments, drafting of legal notice and petitions. Those all were cross-checked by the associates and it was added with a word of appreciation.

The interns will be asked to report at the court whether it may be the high court, city civil court or the magistrate court  before 10-00 A.M and keeping a check on the serial number of the case and get back to the associates.

If the associates are not able to reach the court before the case comes then just to plead a Passover in the court, so that the associate may attend it after all the listed cases are done for the day.

As all the courts were nearer to the office sir had asked all the associates and interns to report at the office during court lunch hours. Different associates use to get their food and those who don’t bring used to order them.

Everyone use to share them and eat. The lunch was more a discussion hour about the current status about the cases and discussing on controversial issues and personal issues. Sir used to be very funny and used to crack jokes on us so that we could more an interactive in the office.

Client dealings was also a major part of my internship. The associates used to deal with the clients and they used to have us in the meetings. We could put forth our suggestions and they were welcomed. In some instances sir used to consider my opinion which made me proud inwardly.

Work environment

The work environment was friendly, motivated for good work and filled with enthusiasm. There was good co-valent bond between the interns and the associates.

It is not necessary that the associates are always right but they used to ask suggestion from us and our feedbacks were taken and if they are wrong they used to correct themselves and used to appreciate us for our efforts.

If the interns were not able to perform the task, then they were given properly guided and a constructive feedback was given to the interns. Sir used to give his advice on professional ethics and how to manage life and law.

The atmosphere of the office was very positive and learning friendly. There were different systems for associates and you can access them. As already said the library and other e-resources were very good and you can use them at any instance of time.

The associates were very-friendly and used to help us. I had to participate in Law fest “Legal Spectra” during the internship, for that even sir granted a leave for 7 days.

Sir also helped me in my research and guided me in different IPC, Crpc and evidence sections which helped me in securing a third position in my trail advocacy competition.

To my fortune not only in trail advocacy but I (Includes my team) won first in quiz and second in parliamentary debate with cash prize worth of Rs. 6k and other books as prizes. And I am thankful to sir for providing guidance on it .

The Best and the Bad Things

The best things in the internships were the time we spent with the associates which made me aware of a lot of legal provisions. Sir taught the implementation of IRAC-Issue-Research-Analysis and conclusion which was previously more study now it has turned to applications. Apart from legal knowledge sir used to give us other advices as well.

The second best thing was the free group lunch. I didn’t go home during vacations but this internship has sufficed the missing of home and added me with a bunch of legal knowledge and its application.

It is a strange thing in the office but I want to share with you guys. Sir used to pray daily for one hour and the interested associates and interns would join him. I used to join him daily which used to help me in meditation and learning good ideas.

I am Brahmin and I have not been to temple for the last three months because of some or other tasks. This prayer was highly motivational and spiritual.

It was a really a tech legal experience because I implemented the webarrister in their office and it really beneficial for them now. They can read their briefs anywhere in their phone or laptops as the entire docket has been uploaded in the webarrister.

I haven’t even forget the number of cases that I have worked on. To count such as Dale D Souza, Ashok Nanjapa,Balu B etc. I have not even forgot the name of the cases as well.

There was nothing which was bad at all during the internship.

The bad thing was leaving the office on the last day of my internship as I engaged as such in work that I didn’t even want to leave the office. After all the words of sir which said my doors are always open for you was remarkable.


I was paid well and sir had gifted me a book on cyber law. Do not judge an office by the stipend they give. Try to do all the assigned tasks to you and you will be automatically rewarded for it.

Accommodation etc. What can you do to chill in and around the office ?

Bangalore is highly sophisticated and costly place still you can get sharing basis pg in Cunningham road, vasant nagar  or else near Indian Express itself with one time food ranging from @3500/- -5000/- and the office will be hardly one-two k.m from your office.

I used to stay in my uncles home and that used to take two-hours travel daily. After seeing all these things I realised that it would have been better to take a pg in Cunningham road itself.

Cunningham Road was a highly commercialised place in Bangalore.The night view of the footpath was really good from the office balcony. It had dominos, KFC, chai point and number of Dosa points. The cheapest of all of them was the roll centres where I was a daily customer.

The place also had sigma mall where you can go for movie. But you won’t be having any time for them and if you need any of the things from outside the associates used to get through the office staffs. But if you are asked to come on Sundays you can have all the fun of Cunningham road.

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