Voice Development Method of a Senior Lawyer

By Haresh A. Raichura

Voice Development Method of a Senior Lawyer.

When I was practising in Gujarat High Court, there was a senior advocate named G.

His voice was so modulated and loud that it would be heard across the courtroom with complete clarity of voice.

I asked my friends about it and learned two things.

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1. Earlier, that senior advocate was a District Judge. During his court hours he used to speak loudly so that his voice got heard by everyone.

2. In his present office, he had placed chair of his stenographer about 12 feet away from his desk.

So whenever he dictated, he had to speak loudly!

Haresh A. Raichura is an AOR at the Supreme Court of India. You can follow him on Linkedin here.

This post was first published on: 11 May 2018

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