Course on Concept of Negotiation and Mediation @ V. M. Salgaocar College of Law (VMSCL), Goa [Jan 10-13]: Register by Jan 5

 ‘Getting What You Want’
An Introduction to the Concept of Negotiation and Mediation

The ADR Board of V. M. Salgaocar College of Law (VMSCL), Goa, offers a four day Course from 10th January to 13th January, 2018 in the College campus.

Date: 10th – 13th January, 2018
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Venue: V. M. Salgaocar College of Law, Miramar, Panaji, Goa


V. M. Salgaocar College of Law is a public funded law school which has nationally and internationally marked its name in the field of clinical legal education.

ADR Board of VMSCL

ADR Board was established to build the culture of amicable settlement of disputes among law students and fraternity. The Board tries to impress upon the students that, litigation is not the only solution or the best solution for all types of disputes; some disputes are better settled through ADR process involving negotiation and mediation.

The Board initially embarked on imparting skills in ADR to the students. Later, the
same was extended to a wider spectrum covering law teachers from all over the country.

The ADR Board is offering an ADR course for everyone interested in being peace makers, everyone who would like to aid in settling a dispute amicably without any party losing the
case. This is especially important in business and management world as well as family matters and in fact in all walks of life.

About the course

Mediation has become one of the premier methods of resolving commercial & family disputes. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of mediation is that it maintains and builds relationship, rather than merely focusing on resolving the dispute.

The Course offers the opportunity to learn the essential skills and values to become an effective negotiator and a skilled mediator. Experienced and highly qualified International ADR experts will delve into the theoretical aspects of negotiation and mediation as well as provide a hands-on practical experience with role play simulations.

The course is designed in such a way that a prestigious International competition on mediation will be going on simultaneously along with the course sessions. The participants will learn basic skills of negotiation during the course and the same would be observed critically in action during the competition.

Therefore this course is not only about attending sessions but will also provide an opportunity to witness mediation sessions between participating national and international
colleges in the VMSCL-WMO 3 rd International Dispute Resolution Competition –
“Lex Infinitum 2018”, one of the most prestigious Mediation Competitions in the

Along with mediation sessions, the participants would be attending a debate amongst the experts on a lively topic and they would also witness a live mock mediation session by experts.

Only 30 seats are available. So please hurry up and seize this enriching opportunity.

Resource Persons

1. Alesia Ehrhardt, Germany
2. Cezary Rogula, Poland
3. Charles Middleton Smith, England
4. Charlie Lafond, USA
5. David Adams, USA
6. Federica Maiorana, Italy
7. Greg Bond, England/Germany
8. Helen Miedzinski, Australia
9. Helene de Kavchich, Canada/Hungary
10. Ilja Weikum, Germany
11. Josephine Reyes, Australia
12. Kimberly Shreiber, USA
13. Rivka Pestun, Australia
14. Roland Wilson, USA
15. Thomas Valenti, USA
16. Victor Berger, Australia

Expected outcome

The course is designed to address the needs of students from different fields. The
student going through this course is expected to achieve following things:

  • Maintain an analytical mind and ability to think from solution point of view.
  • Perceive the skills of negotiation and mediation.
  • Timely use of information and knowledge about the problem.
  • Realize the importance of dispute settlement and the higher importance of respecting the commitment to settlement agreement.
  • Exposure to different cultural background as experts is drawn from almost all the continents of the world.
  • ‘Getting what you want’ doesn’t mean ‘giving whatever they want’.
  • Watching international level competition provides live time exposure.
  • Observing model mediation and debate helps in understanding the concept of “hard on issues and soft on people”.

Requirements of the Certificate

A delegate is mandatorily required to attend the 9 delegate sessions over the period
of three days.

Course Entitlements

  • Attend 9 delegate sessions conducted by ADR experts from across the world
  • Witness Competition Rounds between national and international colleges at Lex Infinitum 2018
  • Witness the live Mock Mediation by the experts
  • Witness the Debate with renowned national and international speakers
  • Lunch, snacks and tea on all 4 days
  • Conference Kit
  • Certificate

Course Fee

Rs. 1500/- for students
Rs. 2000/- for professionals & others

P.S: Accommodation won’t be provided by the College. But Mr. Kevin Mascarenhas can be contacted on +919673244873 to avail accommodation @ Rs. 750 per night.


Payment for the course can be done through NEFT transfer in favour of “V. M. Salgaocar Law College – Moot Court Society”. The Bank Transaction ID Number must be sent to the Email ID of the Student Coordinator.


To register, click here.
Register on or before 5th January, 2018.


Elton Furtado (Student Coordinator
Email ID: [email protected]
Mobile No.: 7507802988


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