Internship Experience @ VK Munshi & Associates, Raipur: If you are down to earth, even your opponents will respect you


Wishvesh Ranjan, HNLU, Raipur


V.K.Munshi & Associates, Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

V.K. MUNSHI & ASSOCIATES Advocates Solicitors & Attorneys-at-law, Purohit Bada, Budhapara, Raipur (C G.) 492001

Tel O771 – 2537328, 2539106

Team Strength- 7-8

Application Process

In order to apply, you will have to be ready prior to 3-4 months of your internship due to the rush of applicants, as there are less number of interns required here.

You have to mail your CV to


1st December, 2014 to 31st December, 2014

First Day

On the very first day of your internship, you are introduced to the staff of V.K. Munshi & Associates, and the interns who are already there.

You have to fill up the form mentioning your details such Name, Phone No., Father’s Name etc. Make sure, you have at least two passport size photographs with you.

Moreover, you need to carry a bonafide certificate from your University or College.

The size of the office is a bit small, and it is located in the inner part of the city in Raipur. For those who are new to Raipur, might face little bit of difficulty in finding the office on the very first day. So, better , you have a localite friend with you.

Main tasks

The main task in the office is case study. You are given a case file, and you will be assigned to find case laws related to that.

Moreover, you are asked to study any Act which has been particularly mentioned in the case and find lacunae in it which is weakening your case or which might weaken your case from the other party arguments.

You are taught with the methods and procedures of drafting too. By the end of the internship, you won’t become an expert in drafting, but of course, you can draft a case if needed.


The most lenient internship you will ever find. The timings are quite feasible and you have to work only for 3 hours a day. Though, there are few chances that you might be asked to stay for a little bit longer once or twice a week depending on the pending of work.

The Associates and staff of this litigation firm are very helpful in each and every matter. If you are researching for a moot, they will definitely help you out or if you have any doubts regarding any laws or what to pursue after the completion of your law, trust me, they give the correct guidance according to your interests.

Best things

The best thing about the firm is that it gives you the kind of work that you are exactly going to do after the completion of your studies.

And yes, food is the best thing everywhere. Though, you have to bring your own lunch, but you get free snacks everyday such as Samosa, Goli- Vada Pav, Home Made Pizza and Cake sometimes.

Bad things

You won’t find even a single bad thing during the internship.


INR 3000

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson of this internship was no matter how big lawyer you are, if you are down to earth, even your opponents will respect you.

Anything else?

Keep Calm and Focus on your work.

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