Internship Experience @ Vivek Sehgal & Company, Ghaziabad: Learned about the court proceedings


Harshit Singh Bhatia

Delhi Metropolitan Education,IP University

1st Year


December 18 – January 8

My Experience

When you are a 1st year student no one gives you internship so easily. I tried a few firms but they said they had there policy of enrolling interns from 2nd year onwards.

I wanted to do an internship desperately and then my father came to my rescue. He suggested me to do my internship under our family friend Mr. Vivek Sehgal.

I’m Harshit Singh Bhatia to be honest if you asked me earlier to do an internship, I would have never said yes but there were events which led to all this. In 2014 I gave my law entrance exams and was hoping to get a good college but in the end failure came on my way.

Then I decided to drop for a yer and prepare for a year so that i can go to best law colleges in our country.

I worked hard very hard so that that time failure doesn’t be the winner. I gave my CLAT exam on may 10,2015. It was really messed up and I was just hoping that I get a NLU but nothing of this fairytale came to be true and I was a loser again.

I didn’t get through any of the NLUs and was shattered and lost because I really worked hard for it. I was really sad for all this and wanted to just runaway from all this but that was not a solution to all this, then I had to go to Delhi Metropolian Education, inspite the fact that I got a rank of AIR 670 in IPU entrance exam but Delhi quota pushed me behind and got this college.

Firstly, I didn’t want to go to this college but then i had to go because I didn’t have any other option. But eventually I found out that college was good and teachers were helpful but at the same time I knew that exposure would be less because college was new and the packages I was expecting wouldn’t match what college would give me so I decided that I want to make a strong resume in the end of 5 years.

Then I decided that I would start doing internships from this year only and thus it was on my mind that after may 1st semester exams I would go and work as an internee.

On 18th morning I was ready to meet the lawyer who was also our family friend.

The First Day

It was my first day and I reached there by 9.30 and I saw that he was just preparing for the cases listed for that day. I was really excited because it was my first experience to visit the court. We sat in his car and there were pile of files on the backseat of the car and we went to Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida) district court and we reached there very soon.

It was a very big big building spread in acres and there was like hundreds and hundreds people moving from one room to another.

I was really surprised to see the number of files when I saw the record room. It was the first room I visited there because lawyer uncle needed some document and that room on serious note was huge, the piles of files depicted themselves the importance of that room.

I had never seen this amount of files anywhere and was seriously was mesmerized. Then it was the time to go to the court room of Additional District Magistrate.

It was the first time I saw how the case proceedings occur but was left sad because after the hearing started it was like 5 minutes later the judge gave next date for hearing. But nonetheless I got to know how the case proceeds.

Similarly, we went in like 6-7 court rooms and got to know different classes of judges and how to read facts of a case and the judges name. All n all it was a very learning experience for me.

The Coming Days

The next two working days I went to that same court and was always excited to see the proceedings of different cases and carrying heavy files was my task now. Then I went to Ghaziabad District Court and though the proceedings were the same but the infrastructure and maintenance was low.

There were no witness boxes or even if they were there they were broken. the lift used to broke down many a times so it was all messed up.

In Ghaziabad district court there was also the same rules for proceedings. But indeed this was an experience because what we red in books and articles it was different than that because learning all these things practically was an all different experience and really was a practical experience for me.

I was also lucky to witness a cross questioning session which was in a dowry case in which we were the defendants and the way in which Sir did it was great. He was continuously asking questions and making her get irritate and get her freaked out and he was somewhat successful also because they were wrongfully prosecuting our clients.

The Good and The Bad

The good part should be discussed I guess because what we do and what we learn should come under good part and I went for internship so that I could learn more and more.

So, talking of good parts let me tell you that I met many new lawyers then some them were like 75 years old and have been practicing law from like past 50-55 years, it was a such a earning time spent with them.

Coming to the bad I just think that the proper infrastructure is lacking. Keeping in mind the population, the courts are smaller especially the Ghaziabad district court.


My mentor Mr. Vivek sehgal who is like one of the coolest people I know.

What happens is when you have so many cases lined up and other things going around you, you tend to loose your cool but I didn’t see him lose his cool.

He always brief me about what is going on and kept asking me to do things which helped me to know my profession in a much better way and helped in thinking more practically and I got to know millions of new things.

He also has a very positive state of mind and never loses hope and a great fighter. He is always been an inspiration.

In the end to conclude, I would like to end with a note that my first internship was great and I learned a lot and hope that would become a big lawyer one day whose soul purpose wouldn’t be just to win money but also to work for the society.


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