Virtual Internship Experience under Mr. Sanjay Chadha, BSK Legal Solicitors and Advocates: Research and Lectures on Various Laws

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Name, College, Year of Study of the Student Intern

Jyoti Prakash Dutta, University Law College, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar (5th year).

Name of the Organisation and its Full Address

Mr. Sanjay K. Chadha, Managing Partner, BSK Legal Solicitors and Advocates.

Duration of Internship

05 December 2020 to 05 January 2021.

How Did you Apply?

I had sent my internship application to Sanjay Sir through email. Sir had been generous enough to confirm my internship within a couple of days. He himself scrutinizes all the applications and hardly ever rejects a suitable candidate.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

As because it was a virtual internship, there was no requirement to visit the chamber physically. On the very first day, I received a text from Sir to join a virtual orientation program. He described all the formalities and works those were going to be undertaken in the said month. He explained what all an intern should do and what he himself will do to make all the interns learn from him.

Main Tasks

The main task basically was to attend the discussions and meetings. Sanjay Sir used to give us lectures on different aspects of law including Insurance Law, Labour Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, RTI Law, Law relating to Women, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Personal Laws and some practical aspects of litigation. He expects everyone to be attentive to his words and to actively participate in the discussions. All the interns are required to take notes of all these lectures which also include several personal anecdotes of Sir pertaining to law, advocacy and litigation. We were also required to carry out research for the ongoing cases.

Work Environment

Sir usually takes 40-50 virtual interns per month. All the interns are quite affable. Though no one gets the chance to meet another in real, but everyone remains connected virtually. I was blessed enough to receive assistance from my co-interns whenever I needed it. Further, Sir makes himself available for every learning purpose. His experience and intellectual capabilities make the work environment wholesome.

Good Things

There are several good things about this internship which I should mention for the benefit of all the future interns.

  • Sir is very approachable and allows students of even grassroot level legal institutions to intern under him.
    He himself keeps the contact numbers of all the interns and communicates every detail personally.
  • Though 40-50 interns are taken per month, still Sanjay Sir makes it a point to know everyone by his/her name and face.
  • Sir appreciates the ones who never fail to attend his classes. Full attendance is something which certainly gives you a place of recognition in this internship.
  • Those who actively participate and help to make the intellectual interactions more valuable, certainly remain in the good-book of Sanjay Sir.
  • Sir gives a lot of importance to practical aspects of every law. He encourages us to ask him more questions about court-crafts and advocacy.
  • Most of the chambers have their stipulated fields of specialisation and litigation. An intern is certainly expected to work on those fields only. However, here you will learn even beyond the practice areas of BSK Legal.
  • Sir is a very active person in television debates. You will get a chance to learn from a person on whom even the top most news channels of the country repose faith as a panelist and expert.
  • He never makes anyone feel bad for not knowing something and tries his best to make the interns learn.
  • Sir organises numerous webinars every month where he invites some of the best legal minds of our fraternity. One may grasp this opportunity to learn more.
  • Though the internship is for a period of 30 days, Sanjay Sir hardly fails to help a student in terms of academics and lawyering even after that period.

Bad Things

Nothing bad about the internship except the fact that you are allowed to intern only for a period of 30 days.


No monetary stipend as such. However, the lessons and experiences that I got are worth a lot more than any monetary remuneration.

Accommodation and Commutation to Office?

As it is an online internship, there is no need for accommodation near the chamber. You can get the invaluable experience even while sitting beside your very own study table.

Lessons Learnt

It takes a lot of efforts to be recognised as a person of eminence and authority in a given field. And once you are deemed so, you have got even more responsibilities to take people from ignorance to the crest of excellence. Sanjay Sir is an extremely busy person, but he has made it his protocol to provide his perennial contributions for the enrichment of the legal fraternity and more precisely, of the budding legal professionals.


Please Note: This internship experience hasn’t been edited and formatted much to maintain the originality of the intern’s experience.

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