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Virtual Internship Experience at WICCI: Interactions and Interview Reports

LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Name, Current Year of Study & College

Jinal Prajapat, 2nd year, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University

Name of the Organization and Its Full Address

West Bengal Human Rights Council, Women’s Indian Chamber of
Commerce & Industry (WICCI), WICCI S ECR E TAR IAT , B -2/ 6 6 , MCI E , MATHURA
ROAD, NEW DE LHI – 1 1 0 044. INDIA

Duration of the Internship

July 1 2021 – July 28 2021

Internship Experience

I am Jinal Prajapat, a student of 2nd year B.A.LLB, at Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University. My internship at West Bengal Human Rights Council, WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry) has been a very unique experience to me while I have just entered my second year.

 This was an online internship only for women with not so hectic tasks and intern friendly environment. The tasks of internship included finding and inviting potential interviewees and then creating an interview report. This allows you to interact with the one who have witnessed it and saw it being very close and fought against it.  

The first day formalities included an introductory session with the President and all the Council Members welcoming the interns and explaining the duties to the interns. When doubts raised, one can freely communicate it to the mentors. With such supportive, young, passionate and like-minded people with similar approach meet, the work became much more interesting. 

When, you can help and be a part of such good organisations online, one should not miss this part. 

The communication was done on WhatsApp. There was a common group of all the interns and the president of the Council interns were divided into further groups once tasks were assigned. Each group was assigned a mentor for smooth functioning and guiding. All the doubts could be taken to the mentor and directly even to the President. 

Mam, took an induction session and discussed all the functions and answered queries. The first task was to approach women who faced a lot of struggled and fought it with a lot of courage and is now successful in any field irrespective of any nationality or religion.

We had to search by ourselves and take guidance when necessary. Once, the interviewee gives consent and signs the disclaimer form then the timings and dates were talked accordingly. Once set, the questions for the interview were framed and rectified by the mentor and the president. Then, the interview was done. The first task was over. This was to know their struggles, their story, their reason to fight back.

When doubts and to track progress meetings were held from time to time with the mentors and the President.

Then, for the second task, again the teams were allotted with different mentors this time. A team of 7 or 8 members was formed. The task was to research the intricacies of law and measure the implementation in true terms in India on the allotted topics. Then, an interview was arranged with a legal luminary working in such field. The questions were to be framed which were verified by the mentor and the President itself. This time, the framing of the interview report was to be done. 

The work was divided among the team members., which improved the team work. Also, few webinars were held. If any discrepancies or problems arises with the interns or the mentor, it could be taken directly to the President. 

These groups were shuffled again when the tasks were completed. And again when new tasks were assigned, we were allotted new groups.  

These tasks help an individual to know and emphasise the problems by listening to someone who has witnessed and fought on their very own. This sometimes help you to know the society even better. The work was done in teams, which improves one’s ability to work in team and interact with people better. 

The work of inviting professionals and interviewing them, teaches you professionalism and how to approach them in future also. And, always you help yourself and a hundred of other women out there, sharing the inspiring stories with others. This definitely improves the communication and interpersonal skills of a person.

The second task allowed the interns to search the practical application of law and the loopholes present in it. This helps a student to know what good the law makes in the society and based on the research the questions could be asked to the luminaries. 

Interacted with highly intellectual and professional women who have closely worked with and for aggrieved women. 
Have learnt the intricacies of various legislations such as POSH Act and LGBT Rights in India.

Have also learnt the impact of such legislation in people.

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