Virtual Internship Experience at Veritas Legal: Great Corporate Exposure


Name, College, Year of Study of the Student


Name of the Organization

Veritas Legal, Mumbai

Mode of Internship


Duration of Internship

1 month 

Process of Application 

You can apply to recruitment[a] Please make sure to apply well in advance

First Day Formalities & Impression

The HR conducts an induction session with all the interns. After a brief introduction, you are informed about your buddies and general functioning of the firm which is followed by an IT set-up. 

Main Tasks

Working days are Monday to Friday. First Saturday of each month is working as well. Each intern is allotted 3 buddies with differing positions of seniority.  Generally, it is an associate, mid-level associate and a senior associate.  Buddies will primarily allot you work and will be your first point of contact to ask for the same.

Every week a meeting is scheduled with all your buddies where the work allotted to you during that week is reviewed. In an online setup, it is generally difficult to get face time with senior associates. However, these weekly meets provide a great platform to directly interact with associates, learn more and clarify your doubts.

At the end of each day you are required to fill in the timesheet and send it to the HR and all your buddies. Every month there is a meeting where all teams meet up and inform each other of the recent news updates in their respective areas. Interns are also invited to attend it. It is an informative and enriching experience.

At the end of the internship every intern is required to make a presentation to the buddies and other associates who wish to join. The topic of presentation is allotted at the end of first week so that there is adequate time to prepare.

I primarily worked on a joint venture which involved researching on Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, Medical Devices Rules, 2017, Exporter Importer Code, licensing for setting up units in special economic zones, finding relevant notifications on CDSCO website etc.

I also researched on general corporate topics like issue of partly paid shares to non residents, significant beneficial owner rules, 2018, dematerialization of shares, CSR etc.

The work is generally interesting and adequate time is given to finish each task. Associates take the effort to give you the background and context of the work so that you can learn more.

Good Things

The firm consistently strives to provide quality work to its interns. Even on days when you have not been allotted enough work you can contact the HR about the same and she will ensure that some work is given.

Overall, it is an amazing firm to intern at. You can count on it to provide you with great corporate exposure. It provides a great platform to learn even with the limitations of an online set-up owing to the elaborate feedback and weekly work review with buddies. 

The work culture of the firm is great. Associates are friendly and guide you with your work. They also provide elaborate feedback. The environment is not extremely stressful and associates understand a reasonable delay.

Bad Things


Anything Else

On receiving consistent positive feedback from buddies regarding daily work and presentation, the HR might contact you for a general conversation to know you and your inclinations.

If all goes well an interview is scheduled with the partner subsequent to which a final decision is taken. The entire process is rigorous and challenging and only a select few are able to make it.


INR 3000

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