Virtual Internship Experience at SVS Attorneys: Handsome Stipend with Great Work Exposure


Name of the Intern, Year of Study, College 

Yash Dadriwal, 4th Year Student, Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad.

Name of the Organization 

SVS Attorneys, Partner Mr. Siddharth R Gupta 

About the Firm and Its Partners

SVS Attorneys is a law Firm with its headquarters at Jabalpur, M. P. but having its footprints spread across the country. They are a group of competent and experienced Professionals handling matters of New Delhi, Indore and Jabalpur (M.P & C.G.).

The Firm’s predominant areas of practice are Civil, Criminal and Constitutional law across various High Courts of the Country, where the High Court of Madhya Pradesh is a major center. Moreover, the Firm also represents their clients in the High Courts of various other States through virtual appearances including various other tribunals.

The Office also holds its visible standing in the Supreme Court of India. The details regarding the Firms and its Partners can also be traced from the official website of Firm.

Mode of Internship

Virtual/Online Mode

Duration of Internship

March 7, 2022 to May 6, 2022 (45+10 days) (excluding sanctioned leaves) 

The Internship is to be completed in two phases, the first phase is of 10 days when you are assessed on your work, sincerity, behavior and various other factors. Once you get a confirmation, then the real work starts and you need to be very focused in those 45 days.

Every minute you spend you should know what you are doing and should work with complete application of mind. It might be hard for some people to adapt in a competitive environment which the firm provides, however once you are accustomed to the same you will really enjoy each and every piece of work you are given.

How to Apply

To apply for the internship email your properly formated CV with a covering letter to srg[at] office[at] for the application. Follow up from time to time so that the firm understands your interest and gets back to you when there is a slot available for the requested period of Internship.

Please be professional while applying and draft your CV and cover letter with proper due diligence. The firm accepts the applications of students from all over India and it does not matter whether you are from an NLU or not.

You will get an acceptance email if your CV is as per the Standards set up by the firm. Virtual/Online mode is the online available option of interning with the firm.

First day Formalities

The internship being in online mode, there were not many first day formalities, I was added to the interns group of the firm. As I was already provided with the Internship Toolkit beforehand and other do’s and don’ts of the Internship, the first day was smooth. All the seniors were very welcoming and helped me throughout the Internship. Siddharth sir specifically was also very welcoming and friendly.

Main Tasks

A grilling & grueling exposure to quality work with rigid deadlines. An experience that teaches you the toughness of litigation & durability you need to possess to survive there. Working tirelessly the whole day till 2 AM in the morning for a filing to happen in the Court opening hours; then observing those proceedings virtually to see how your hard work is responded to by Judges is a telling testimony of its own kind.

I never thought that a successful litigating lawyer has to cultivate all these qualities for sustaining himself in the profession to ensure his lifetime. Working with Siddharth Sir & his team showcased me the stamina I have to develop if I look towards litigation as a successful career trajectory. 

The office has a variety of work of various forums, not limited to Arbitration, Constitutional writ matters, civil contract matters before various Courts including even the Trial Courts. So you get a package deal whilst interning at SVS Attorneys with all sorts of assignments.

You get online research, online compilation of files and petitions which are to be prepared for e-filing, drafting work with associates. The Chambers operate with a ‘high tech ecosystem’, being geared towards a ‘paperless environment’.

So by default, the interns have to conform themselves to technology & app based online office tools, whilst interning here. Work, needless to say, is interesting & enriching especially for all those who plan litigation for their future.

Working Environment

No leaves, no rest is the mantra of Siddharth Sir, which he enforces for all his interns also rigorously. Desist from applying to SVS Attorneys if you can’t put in hours together for work and lack the capacity to pull up heavy assignments timely with short deadlines. However, having said so, the office is extremely flexible in allowing leaves for genuine reasons and at no moment did I feel that I was stretching myself beyond boundaries. This internship gave me a new insight, which I strongly recommend everybody must have at least once. 

Good Things

The work that is given is to you always checked thoroughly and remarks of the work completed is provided to every intern specifically by Siddharth Sir himself. You get a chance to interact with sir on a daily basis. Other seniors at the firm are really helpful and approachable, if you need any sort of help it will be provided to you without any sort of judgment.

Stipend, you get a handsome stipend post completion of your internship, subject to your performance. The quantum of stipend came to me as a pleasant surprise, which was the highest of all offices; I had worked in the past. It was an acknowledgement that I had performed to everybody’s expectation as also to my own satisfaction. 

Bad Things

The working hours may be sometimes very hectic, however once you complete the said work, you get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, which is unparalleled. An internship with its own limitations, however worth remembering your whole life. I felt like clearing a challenging examination after completing this internship.


The amount of Stipend awarded to me at the end of the internship was Rs. 14,000/-. However, purely subject to performance and varies from intern to intern.

Other Information 

The Firm generally accepts the applications only of 4th or 5th year students and so the applications of students in their 2nd or 3rd year are not even taken into consideration. Also, there’s no doubt that if you undertake this internship, you are going to enhance and polish your drafting and researching skills.

Being in 4th year or 5th year, there’s a lot of pressure on any student to build up a career in litigation, and an internship at this Firm will expose you to the real time experience of Litigation World. Hardwork and perseverance may even get you a chance to further your career in litigation and join Sir’s office which is a very rare opportunity.

Casual and complacent behavior is generally not welcomed at this office therefore, I would recommend this internship to only those who really want to learn and work hard and not just intend to add a Certificate of Internship to their CV.

In order to intern at the Firm, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a NLU student or not, what matters is that you have good grades (minimum 75-80%) & CGPA around 8 along with loads of credits with respect to articles, publications etc into your account.

The applications are first assessed by the office and then Siddharth Sir himself assesses the shortlisted candidates. The office holds a wide spectrum of networks and connections across various NLUs, they take feedback from former interns & other available connections of the applicants are from their College before accepting or rejecting any application.

The Firm provides a wide scope of exposure to the minutest detail and aspect of litigation, opening a bridge to travel across the path one has determined to achieve so if your application is accepted and the internship is confirmed after 7-10 days of Mentorship Period, a great learning experience is waiting ahead of you.

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