Virtual Internship Experience at iPleaders: Legal Research and Writing


Name of the intern


Name and address of the organisation

iPleaders, Property No.-6/25 earlier No. W-101E, Lane No. 6, Anupam Gardens, South Delhi, Delhi – 110030.

Duration of internship

From: 20/07/2021 Till: 20/08/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I applied for the internship through my college’s placement cell.

I was asked to submit a sample article for the consideration of my internship application.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

There was a video conferencing call on the first day, where all the fellow interns introduced themselves and the blog coordinator explained the work that had to be undertaken during the internship.

Some tips on how to write and research effectively were also given.

The first impression was amazing, where all the interns were given a warm welcome.

Main Tasks

The work revolved around researching and writing articles on various topics relating to law or different laws such as constitutional law, corporate law, IP law, etc.

I was required to complete 20 units (1 unit = 2000 words) in order to complete the internship.

I had to write 1 article for a minimum of 2000 words and there was no maximum limit. There were editors who used to review our articles and suggest changes.

Changes were required to be made within 2-3 days of them reviewing the article.

I was given headings for the first five topics of the articles, after which I was required to create my own headings and sub-headings and start with the work.

I was also required to do the peer-review of other interns.

Work Environment

The work environment was informal, where all the communication used to take place through the WhatsApp group.

Topics for the articles were required to be taken from a senior intern and any doubt could be asked from the log coordinator through a message or call any time.

Good Things

I learned a lot during the internship. My research and writing skills improved a lot. I learned the importance of creating a structure before writing an article.

Eight videos were shared with me, which taught me how to conduct research and write efficiently.

There were also 2-3 live sessions on how to research and which websites can be used for reference.

Bad Things

I feel that the pressure to write too many words was somewhat high.

However, it would be later that I realized that the pressure made me a good researcher and writer in the field of law.


No stipend

Details about accommodation and commute

It was an online internship.

Anything else?

As a student who completed the first year at law school, the internship taught me a lot. It was a great experience and made me realize the importance of hard work.

I would recommend every law student to undergo this internship if you really want to have excellent writing and researching skills.

After writing around thirteen articles during the tenure of the internship, I would say that you would never be short of the publications that you can add to your resume after the internship.

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