Internship Experience @ Vidhi Associates, Patna: Got a personal cabin to work {S}




Vidhi Associates, Patna

Team Strength


Application Process

You can apply by sending your CV alongwith Cover letter to [email protected]


January 3 – January 28, 2013

First Day

Friendly people, not as such just you will be briefed about what all you need to do, I got a personal cabin over there to work.

Main Tasks

Preparing case briefs, written Statements, written arguments.


Extremely friendly and healthy learning atmosphere.

All the advocates there are ready to help you in any problem in which you get stuck.

Best things

For a 1st year student there is lots to learn here. you are treated as an advocate and not an intern.

Bad things



None but yes you get lunch everyday.

{S}: Internship experiences marked with this symbol are shorter than we’d like them to be, but still contain enough useful information to be published.

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