A 21-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her hostel room in Amity University premises situated in Chandwaji area on Jaipur Delhi National Highway on Tuesday.

The girl didn’t attend classes on Tuesday and was spotted hanging by her roommates when they returned to their hostel in the afternoon.

Police said they didn’t recover any suicide note from the spot.

Read the full Times of India piece here.

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  1. Tanuj,

    Who are we trying to fool here? Two of these stories were pushed to the backstage with ‘other important’ news. I remember as an avid follower of Lawctopus that two of these stories never made the front page. As far as NUJS related stories are concerned, why don’t you tell the world more about the menace of ragging at NUJS due to which the child died. I am sure that your ‘sources’ can confirm if you want. At the least, if not ragging, why don’t you tell the world about the real story?

    • That’s not true. We never do that (push stories to the backstage). Doesn’t go well with our policies, ethics or even business.

      Check your email and you’d have received these pieces in your inboxes as well. And sorry, our sources didn’t confirm anything on this and we didn’t publish it. You are free to disagree. If you know the real story, please do send us an email and it will be published after verification.

  2. Why are you so selective about your journalism?

    Why were there no pictures or stories about the kid who died in NUJS.

    Why do you sensationalise everything but news emanating out of/from NUJS?


    So much for free speech.

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