Via Harvard: To be happy lawyers (and human beings), eight rules for law students to live by

Excerpts from HERE:

Rule #1: Don’t think you’ve got it all figured out yet.

Our profession is wide enough to accommodate many dreams.

Rule #2: Every time you have a choice of job, pick whatever next job sounds most interesting to you.

Should you ever wish to get back on the track, it would still be there; but that in the meantime, going off-track would be the better way to discover the unexpected dreams.

Rule #3: Your tummy is your best advisor.

Do your research, but ultimately, trust your guts.

Rule #4: You will make mistakes; so will others. So be forgiving in both cases.

Rule #5: Empathize with your opponents.

Rule #6: You will have disappointments. And you will survive them.

Rule #7: Be honorable.

Rule #8: Save room in your life for loved ones.

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