Via DNAIndia: On Sexual Assault Cases: The Victim’s Right to Choose- By Amba Salelkar

The full article is HERE.

“There’s no course in Law School which teaches Justice – nor should they be. Justice is a personal perception, and is unique to every person.

It is up to the State to decide which forms of justice are permissible, of course, but denying a Victim the personal space to decide for herself, her mode of justice from within the possible options, is not helping any ones cause.”

“How many women are going to write blogposts about terrible experiences that have happened to them at the hands of the Judiciary if they are subject to committee hearings despite clearly stating that they did not want to pursue the matter?

Would you email close confidents about an incident of sexual harassment if you knew they might be leaked and lead to Chief Ministers declaring suo motu action?”

“Respect victims by giving them agency. By forcing a victim to subject her experience to a system or redressal mechanism she is not comfortable in, and then labeling her for not cooperating, we aren’t being much better than what got her here in the first place.”

The full article is HERE.

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