Internship Experience @ VGB Associates, Bangalore: I didn’t want my internship to end


Aishwarya J. CMR Law School. 2nd Year


VGB Associates, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore


Maximum of 3 interns at a time.

Application Process:

I got an internship there through a friend of my father. You can directly go to their office with your CV or Email it to them (you can get their Email id from the office: 080-22865305).

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Although, going to their office directly will be the most effective way to secure an internship.

Duration and Timings:

January, 2015 (one month)

I was expected to stay back in office till 6pm.

The office is working on all Saturdays. You will have to ask them if you are expected to go on all Saturdays.

First Day:

I was asked to meet both the senior advocates prior to the date of joining. Although they were a bit reluctant on taking me in since I was a first year student, they were friendly and interactive and that had a warm welcoming effect.

On the first day I was asked to be in office by 9 am. Since that was my first internship, I had no clue about how a law firm worked or what was expected of interns.

The senior associate didn’t turn up until 2 pm since he had to rush to the court. Once he came in, he asked me to read up about a trades mark case. The first day turned out to be pretty disappointing but things got better by the day.

The office is a small three bedroom house in an apartment with necessary modifications to make it look like an office with two wheeler parking facility only. They have a decent number of book collections.

One of the senior associate is a CS. So, if you are pursuing your CS dreams along with a law degree, that’s the place for you to be in.

Main Tasks:

My main task was mostly visiting the court during the morning and a bit of research and drafting work by late afternoon and evening. There was always something to do.

Every morning, I was asked which court I wanted to go to or which associate I wanted to tag along with to court. Commuting becomes a problem if you don’t have your own vehicle. Or you could just ask the associate to take you along with them.

Since I had a vehicle of my own, I didn’t face any trouble with regards to commuting from one court to another or from the office to the court.

Your last resort would be to take an auto to the court. Since the office is in Shivajinagar, all the courts are within a radius of 3 kms from the office (except the Family court and the Arbitration and Mediation Centre, both of which are in the same building).

Since I was a first year student, they didn’t expect much from me. But, they also made sure I felt included and important.


The work environment was pleasant and enjoyable. In the mornings, all the associates were busy with court work taking printouts, photocopies, searching for stamps and what not.

The small office would turn a bit chaotic till all the associates left to the respective courts assigned to them the previous evening.

All the associates in the office are friendly and approachable and will help you out with any problem that you may have. There were no fixed lunch break timings. You may be allowed to take a break of an hour for lunch.

I carried lunch from home and so my lunch breaks never lasted more than half an hour. There are plenty of places to eat lunch from on Cunningham road (walk able distance from the office).

You will be offered tea or coffee every evening.

Best thing:

That was my first internship ever and I felt miserable on the last day of my internship (I didn’t want it to end).

The best thing over there is definitely the associates in the office and their willingness to clear your doubts and help you anytime you need their help.

If you have the thirst of knowledge in you and want to learn, that is a place you should definitely consider going to.

Bad thing:

There was no bad thing for me.


No stipend.

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