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Internship Experience @ VERUS, Mumbai: Extensive research work, good for long-term internship

By: Aayushi Bindal | September 9, 2018

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Aayushi, 4th year, Government Law College, Mumbai

Name of the organization, Location (city), Team strength

VERUS, Mumbai – Litigation Team- Team of 5-6 people

Application process with contact details

Applications can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] about 4-5 months in advance. Care should be taken that application is in a proper format with no grammatical or formatting errors.

Duration, Timings

Duration of 4 months as a Trainee. Timings range from 10 am to 9 pm generally but can extend beyond 9 pm when there is more work.

First impression, First day formalities, Infrastructure

VERUS is a boutique law firm with a small and the most amazing team located at Nariman Point, Opposite Mantralaya. The office houses both the corporate and the litigation team. With not many formalities, the day started with a general introduction to everyone and the facilities that are available.

Main Tasks

The work given to trainees mainly involve exhaustive research (no resorting to google). They make the students pick up bare acts, read them cover to cover, pick up commentaries and only then use online databases. They allow sufficient time to follow the entire process which helps a lot in clearing concepts.

Students are not given drafting right away but only at a later stage. Reading is highly encouraged. You are encouraged to attend matters in Court only when you have worked on them and read the papers.

You get to attend proceedings in the Bombay High Court, National Company Law Tribunal and City Civil Court mostly. There is enough work most of the time to ensure that there’s never a dull moment.

Work environment, People

I must say that the work environment here is extremely good and the seniors are quite helpful and fun to work with. They appreciate the good work done and make you understand how things are to be looked at or how you can improve. They invest time in teaching you which is great.

Best Things

Best things include- the immense amount of learning, great seniors and colleagues, friendly working environment, cake and snacks on several occasions and you can play darts!

Bad Things

Nothing really.


INR 6,000 per month

Biggest Lessons

One thing that significantly helped me in having an experience as great as this is the fact that I did a long-term internship (4 months). As an intern, things are quite different as it takes time to settle down and understand how things work. I would advise you to do a long-term internship if you genuinely want to learn work.

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