नया दौर, नयी कल्पना’- An invitation for ‘Re-imagining Economy’ by Vasudhinity and Sahaj Foundation [May 2-June 27]: Apply Now!

vasudhinity 8 week program

Vasudhinity, in collaboration with Sahaj Foundation announce their upcoming program ‘नया दौर, नयी कल्पना’- An invitation for ‘Re-imagining Economy’.

About the Organizer

Vasudhinity describes the organization as

  • A commons-based academy for alternative holistic learning
  • A Knowledge Hub to generate knowledge for and by the community
  • A Lab to facilitate the communities to conduct their socio-economic experiments.

The Program

In this 8-week long program, the organizers aim to take the learners on a journey to first understand the limitations of the present mainstream economic system, and then collectively contemplate on the possibility of transition towards a more inclusive, harmonious, and just economy, mainly in the Indian context.

In this program, you’ll have:

  • The Doughnut Economics- Seven ways to think like a 21st-century economist, beautifully written by Kate Raworth, as your guiding light.
  • Discussions on the findings of Feminist Economics, Ecological Economics, Circular Economy, Behavioural Economics, Buddhist Economics, Complementary Currencies, and Systems Thinking with the help of a number of research papers, videos, and articles.


Around 20-25 participants.


  • ​Anyone- of any age, gender, nationality, background, work experience- is invited to participate in this program
  • Should have an interest for reading books, a spark to find a new way of living and an intention to dive deeper into the possibilities of re-imagining the design of our present economy.


  • Sunday, May 2, 2021 – Sunday, June 27, 2021
  • 8 weeks with 2 weeks’ break in-between


  • Three days a week (for 6 weeks)
    • 60 mins (7 – 8 PM IST) for Wednesdays
    • 120 mins (11 AM – 01 PM IST) for Saturdays and Sundays

Kindly find more details here.


  • The suggested range of contribution is Rs 5,000- Rs 12,000. The participants are encouraged to contribute as per their heart and financial situation.
  • The ones who are capable of contributing on higher side are encouraged to do so, as the organizers also wish to accommodate a few individuals who are not in a position to contribute financially.
  • The charges cover facilitation for all 49 days, which include 19 mandatory virtual sessions as mentioned in the schedule.

For more information on other courses please visit Vasudhinity’s website.


Click here to apply for the program.

vasudhinity 8 week program


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