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Vantage (in collaboration with IRO) is open to submissions for a wide array of genres, including but not limited to articles (academic, nonfiction, and fiction), case commentaries, book/film reviews, interviews case studies, essays (including opinions, translations, and photo essays). 

About the Organisation

Vantage (in collaboration with IRO), is an open-access centre for the research and study of literature, public policy issues and legislative changes in the fields of law and technology in India and around the world.

Currently, they are open to submissions for a wide array of genres, including but not limited to articles (academic, nonfiction, and fiction), commentaries, book/film reviews, interviews, case studies, essays (including opinions, translations, and photo essays)

They are looking for contributions that address the critical intersection of law, technology, and lived realities — particularly focused upon perspectives and narratives from marginalized contexts and the Global South.

  • How has privacy changed within emerging legal paradigms of surveillance and data accumulation?
  • How have social media and technology contributed to modern reimaginations and theatres of law?
  • From activism to legal education, to business and human rights discourses, how has technology-enabled (or disabled) the law, in the 21st century?

By exploring these questions, they hope to not only track developments in topics of disruptive technologies, legislative reforms, and legal thinking, but to also archive the experiences of law — as thought, as text, as practice.


Please refer to the following themes, while deciding to collaborate with them:

  1. Developments in the ODR space
  2. Emerging technologies & dispute resolution
  3. Impact of disruptive technology on legal processes
  4. Effect of technology & modernity on legal thinking
  5. Current & future legislative reforms 
  6. Public interest disputes & mediation

You can also refer to this list for deciding a potential topic.


They particularly welcome editorial commentary and candid views. They discourage posts that merely summarise developments or discuss basic aspects of this emergent field; they prefer that these articles include critical analysis or explore particular themes of wider resonance.

Pieces don’t have to be restricted to legal reasoning and we are happy to accept well-researched articles from other fields as well. They also highly encourage interdisciplinary research.


In submitting proposals, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Please include a short title. A title which asks a question can generate more interest.
  • Articles must be between 1,000 to 2,000 words.
  • Case commentaries, legislative analysis and book reviews must be between 1,000 to 1,500 words.
  • Please insert spaces between paragraphs.
  • Citations must be hyperlinked within the document and the portion being referenced. However, if it is absolutely necessary, other citations must be inserted as endnotes and conform to OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) (4th) style of citation. Speaking/ substantive endnotes are highly discouraged. Vantage reserves the right to add (additional) links to sources relevant to the matters referred to in a post, should these not already be implemented. 
  • Avoid using ALL CAPS in the title or in the text.
  • Co-authoring of articles is permissible, for a maximum of two authors.
  • Your content must be original. If, in your post, you refer to the work of another author, you must acknowledge that author as the source of such work. Vantage values originality of pieces above anything, in the event that any content is found to be plagiarized, Vantage reserves the right to not publish it. 
  • Contributors must make known to Vantage any submissions of the draft post with other publishers, at any time during the review process. Vantage reserves the right to cease collaboration with respective contributors, if they fail to do so.
  • Vantage reserves the right to reshare pieces that are published on the platform, and authors may re-publish articles as long as the link to the original publication on Vantage’s platform is referenced at the beginning.
  • If any internal authorisations are required from the employer, for example, to publish the post, the authors must confirm that they have obtained any and all such authorizations. This guideline is not to be construed as contrary to any other guideline or policy of the platform, including the platform’s requirement of originality and its general policy of publishing only previously unpublished content.
  • We welcome non-mainstream modes of articulation, particularly from women, Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi communities, persons with disabilities, trans persons and members of the LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Vantage does not tolerate any kind of discrimination based on age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, and we do not carry any submissions that project the same. 
  • Receipt of submission will be intimated to the authors within two weeks of submission. Authors will be periodically updated on the status of review of their piece.

While sending out submissions, please take note of the editorial guidelines, here

Please submit at the link on the website link, here

Contact Information

If you have a substantive question or would like to submit a proposal for an article, write to us at

The website link is here:

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