Internship Experience @, Chennai: Good Learning Experience, Rs. 1000/Week Stipend


Lakshana R., NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, II Year.

About the intern

I am a gregarious person who enjoys solitude when it shrouds her with its invisibility cloak that makes people around her act like she doesn’t exist; we’ve all been there, haven’t we? 😛

And I have been there, where this is an inescapable reality! Such a pity, right!?

About the place of internship, Chennai. [God] Yes, the name sounds odd, right? But I reckon they have made a name for themselves now.

At least they have moved out of the tottering residential apartment building they were based out of when I made the choice of interning there!

To briefly summarise my haphazard-yet happening-internship, I shall say no more than this: one thing led to another and one bad decision led to another!

I shall enlighten you by sharing life-hacks I routed up while hacking at Vakilsearch!

You Speak up or break-up!

Yes, you must speak up for yourself and stand for your rights, lest they won’t do right by you.

It was a matter of late realisation for me after they made me break down one fine day for leaving without taking the permission of one fine lady (despite the fact that I had informed a few others :/).

I decided to speak up for myself after this episode and my prospects began to look up! I didn’t have to take orders any longer and I was assigned to another team. Beam 🙂

Enough said; enough done. I shall take a more serious tone now.

Paying Guest Accommodation

I’m a Chennai chick but you can have your pick from the hostels in the vicinity.

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you google Paying Guest accommodation at Varadarajapuram. I’d recommend Sneha Ladies Hostel which is closeby.


Prince Info Park, A-5th Floor, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai – 600 058, Tamil Nadu.

Application Process

You can send in your Curriculum Vitae to They generally respond in a few days’ time.

Duration of Internship, Timings

November 15th, 2014- December 15th, 2014.

Preferably, one month duration, (6 days a week. from 9 am- 7 pm, but they like to call it flexible 😛

First Day Formalities and Impression

The old office where I interned had an informal set-up and it was largely unorganised.

Editor’s note: vakilsearch had raised VC money recently and has moved to a plush office!

On my first day, I was told to be present at around 9am and I was on time, only to find the office mostly empty!

I had to wait for 45 minutes before the concerned people arrived at the office. However, the other employees were genuinely nice and friendly!

Hrishikesh, the CEO, spends a huge amount of time at the office and he is approachable and responsive to your queries.

Main Tasks

I was assigned the work of an ex-employee who was involved in liaising with clients and the concerned agencies to facilitate secretarial compliance and registration requirements.

I was also told to write a few articles on various issues apart from helping them out with drafting contracts and agreements.

I was allowed to directly correspond with clients by picking their calls (like a BPO employee :P) and directing their queries to the concerned people.

Work Environment

The office environment was very informal back then. The chairs were uncomfortable and the ventilation was discomfiting.

But the office set-up didn’t differentiate people on the basis of their position and this was one good thing!

Co-interns and hangouts

There weren’t any co-interns during the 4-week period of my internship. Nevertheless, there are some good eat-outs nearby!


This was my first internship and it was a great learning experience. I made some good friends and contacts, I’m still in touch with.

Generally, you would have to take the initiative and go talk to people to receive work assignments.

However, it was vice-versa here and employees jostled for my time-sheet 😛 there was no dearth of work and I was always (too) occupied!

I did enjoy such drudgery since it was my first internship and to top it all, the nicer folk at Vakilsearch even took me out for lunch on the last day :*) can it get any better for a law student who only dreams of work, work and WORK!?


The regular stipend is Rs. 1000/week.


The stipend was sent to me a month later and my friend who interned there soon after, did not receive his stipend at all!

Not that he even got his internship certificate! I fared slightly better because I was willing to send them infinite reminders and to be a constant nag 😛

Should you do this internship?

In my no-so humble opinion, yes, you should take it up in your first year since it’s hard to find better options then. Not to mention, it’s an experience like no other for  all good and BAD reasons 😉

You can access Hrishikesh Datar’s Linkedin profile here.

You can check out their super-cool website here.

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