Internship Experience @ Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission, Lucknow [UPHRC]: Project Report on Exploitation of Dalit Women in Context of Human Rights


Deepti Sen


Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission [UPHRC], Lucknow

Application Process

The application procedure is very simple.

I applied by sending my C.V. to [email protected]

Then, the shortlisted candidates were called for an interview.


June 1, 2015- June 30, 2015

First Day

I was pretty excited about the internship, getting to meet new people and learning new things.

On the first day, I thought I would get to work in a big office.

Only partners and the projects topics were assigned respectively, that’s all.

Nothing special happened that is worth sharing on the first day.

Main tasks

My task was to research and prepare a project of about 20-25 pages on “Exploitation of Dalit Women in Context of Human Rights”.

I was also informed that it will be summarized and published in a newspaper, subject to their liking.


There was no such noteworthy working environment.

Fortunately, my college friends were there.

Or else, I would have been roaming and wandering about all alone in such a big office.

No one interacted with me on the first day.

But fortunately, I had friends of my own college interning there whom I could talk to.

Best things

The internship is good for first year students, who aren’t well versed with the law subjects.

If you want to add to your C.V., you can intern here.

Bad things

No contacts were established.

There was little new that I could learn.


No! There was no stipend.


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