Dehradun Professor’s ‘Bribe for Attendance’ Case | University’s Response: Faculty Suspended, Inquiry Initiated

By Tanuj Kalia

NOTE: The post was first published on December 7, 6 PM.

An Assistant Professor at the College of Legal Studies, UPES Dehradun has been caught red handed asking for a bribe of Rs. 25,000 to wrongly rectify the attendance shortage of a student studying in the college.

Some time back the same student was asked to pay a bribe of Rs. 1.5 lakh to avoid a ‘year back’.

Another student confirmed being asked to pay Rs. 50,000 to avoid being debarred from a subject due to attendance shortage.

The students told Lawctopus that a couple of the UPES’ students also have the bank receipts for such transactions.

Lawctopus has access to the audio recordings of the phone calls between Dr. Kumar and the concerned students and parents.

We’ve also confirmed the news with four current students and an alumni of UPES Dehradun.

According to independent sources, around 5 such confirmed instances of ‘money for attendance’ all involving the same professor have happened.

A source on the condition of confidentiality told us that a regular practice of the concerned faculty is to make up a list of students falling on the ‘borderline’ of attendance shortage and then call up the parents of such students filling them on chances of a ‘year back’ and the repercussions and expenses such an event would incur.

On the third or the fourth phone call, the concerned faculty goads the parent into paying him a bribe.

UPDATE 1, 10.30 AM: We tried reaching the UPES’ administration for an official response, but they were not available for  comment.

UPDATE 2, 6.15 PM: We’ve received a reply by the University via email. Below is the content of the email, reproduced verbatim. Emphasis in bold is ours.

A complaint was received alleging that [Dr. Kumar], Assistant Professor Selection Grade of the College of Legal Studies had purportedly asked for money from a student’s parents for improving the attendance record of a student in his charge, so as to enable him to qualify for appearing in the examinations.

Based on this allegation, the [concerned faculty] was suspended immediately from duty on 5th December, 2014.

An investigation has been initiated on this matter. A departmental enquiry for misconduct and violation of the University Rules governing discipline and good conduct of employees has been ordered.

Pending findings of the investigation, the faculty has been declared persona non grata and asked not to enter the campus without permission as also not to exercise any pressure on complainants / their parents to influence the proceedings.

The email further said: This prompt action of the University shows that UPES has zero tolerance for such kind of misconduct and disciplinary behavior. This act of University is a clear message that there is no place for corruption in UPES.

UPDATE 3, August 12, 2017, 3.50 PM: We stand by everything mentioned in the original post which can be accessed via the Wayback machine.

However, on compassionate grounds, and recognizing the ‘right to be forgotten’ w.r.t online content, we have edited the post to remove the full name of the faculty concerned.

We’ve also removed the University’s logo (which was a big bone of contention in the then comments).



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