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University College Lahore, Pakistan: 12th Shahjiwana International Debating Championship 2015 [Jan 22-25]

By: Malobika Sen | December 29, 2014

Information by Malobika Sen of RMLNLU.

The University College Association of Debaters (UCAD) is organising the 12th Shahjiwana International Debating Championship 2015 being held from Thursday, 22nd January, 2015 to Sunday, 25th January, 2015 at the University College Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.

Almost 19 years old and having hosted more than 100 teams consecutively for the past three years (in English and Urdu collectively), Shahjiwana is Pakistan’s biggest and oldest British Parliamentary Style Debating Competition.

For the past 12 years the competition has transformed into an international event with teams participating from India, Afghanistan and Srilanka.

This year’s event promises to be the best and biggest yet, with special changes to ensure debating of the highest quality and caliber.

All teams are to follow the n=1 adjudication rule

Shahjiwana takes pride in being one of the only and biggest “Bi-lingual” debating competition. The Urdu Competition will simultaneously transpire with English.It is open as well, meaning any two individuals can potentially make a team and participate. email address is [email protected]

International Teams will be staying at the Shalimar Tower Hotel. [The accommodation will include Breakfast and Dinner during the stay (lunch will be available during the competition at the university).

Room Service can be ordered but will have to be paid for by the  teams.

Your registration fee will cover the cost for the accommodation. Transport from the Hotel to the University will be provided by University College Lahore]


Visa applications may take up to a week by the High Commission of Pakistan. We will fully assist you in this process and will try our best to obtain your visas as soon as possible.

When you have made your decision regarding the competition in the affirmative, please provide us the following details as soon as possible. From that point onwards, we will be in constant touch with you and we expect the same from you.

Please insure that the following details are forwarded as soon as possible so that the University College Lahore may send back an official invite with the university seal and proof of the participation required for the visa process. These are the details we’ll need from you (in particular order):

For those individuals who already have a Pakistani Visa, please provide us the details of your visa as soon as possible so we can get the dates changed on the Visa.

Here is a summary of how the Visa Process Works:

1. Passport Information for the Visa Letter: You will send to us

2. Official Invite: Proof of Participation (needed for Visa Application): We will send

3. Visa Application: You will send to the Pakistan High Commission

4. Visa Application Number: You will send to us

Please contact the Pakistan High Commission for the complete visa details required for the visa processsince procedures may vary in each country. International delegates are further requested to contact us in case of any problems being faced during or before the visa process. Our email address [email protected]

To register your team, kindly fill the registration form here.

Like  on Facebook here.

RSVP at event page on Facebook here.

OR follow  on twitter at twitter.com/shahjiwana15

Registration Amount

For International Teams:

  •  USD 150/- per speaker
  • USD 150/- per accompanying adjudicator
  •  USD 170/- per observer
  • USD 170/- per independent adjudicator

Note: This fee includes Participation Fee, Food and Accommodation for 5 Nights (21st January to 26th January 2015)

Once submitted Registration fee will not be refunded.

The team cap for English is 100 and the team cap for Urdu is 50.

For Any other queries,

Contact: Mohammad Talha Mushtaq Ghick

​Convener, 12th Shahjiwana International Debating Championship​, University College Lahore, Pakistan

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