Internship Experience @ Universal Legal, Attorneys at Law, New Delhi: It was superfun to intern there {S}

Intern Details

Name: Arpit Shangari

College: Amity Law School, Centre-II, Amity University, Noida

Year of Study: 5th

Duration of the Internship

1st May 2015 to 1st June 2015

My Internship Experience at Universal Legal, Attorneys at Law, East of Kailash, New Delhi

I joined this organization in the month of May 2015 to which I applied on their official Mail ID wherein I gave them my details and other required stuff on two months prior the date it was confirmed.

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So, if you wish to apply, one can mail their CV alongwith a cover letter on the above mentioned mail ID.

Also keep a track of your application by calling at the organization once a week till it is confirmed.

First Day

My first day was a very relaxed one and one of our senior associate gave us the tour of the entire office which includes a basement which is the main working area and the reception which is on the ground floor.

Everyone at the office were extremely friendly and relaxed with all the interns and gave quality work to us. They made sure we were kept busy for the entire day.

Sometimes, the work was very monotonous such as doing some clerical work and making phonecalls etc.

On the other hand we were also made a part of ongoing cases in the court and were also send to visits at High Court, Supreme court, RBI and other government offices etc. This was one of the best parts of the internship.

We also had half an hour lunch break in between but we usually extended it upto an hour making all the associates jealous. Joking aside, it was superfun to intern there.

You actually get to learn a lot of aspects of corporate law and litigation both. I did maximum of the work related to corporate la which included due diligence reporting, Mergers and acquisitions matters and a lot more.

The only bad part of interning there was long and tiring office hours.

You could not leave the office even if you had no work and we actually had some of those days.

All in All if someone is extremely interested to start from the basics and learn how legal world works, one should definitely intern here. I had a great experience here.

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