Internship Experience @ Ungender, Delhi: Created Blog Content on Sexual Harassment, Filed 36 RTIs

Name, College, Year

Ankur Das, Fifth year, Symbiosis Law School Pune.


Ungender, Delhi

Duration of Internship

Interned for 4 weeks beginning from the 1st of July 2018.

How to apply

I applied for this internship by sending my CV and a short write-up to [email protected]

Main tasks

The working environment was highly professional. The team at Ungender comprised of Ms. Esha Shekhar and Ms. Pallavi Pareek and both were present at all times to help us with the work assigned to us. The workload was challenging yet not over-bearing.

For the first two weeks I worked extensively on creating written content for the Ungender Blog on the intricacies of the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act (Prevention, Protection and Redressal).

While doing so I came across many details of the Act that, in my opinion, should be common knowledge but aren’t. The articles that I worked on were aimed to to do just that. The other tasks that I was assigned to included drafting a status report on the measures taken by Indian states and UTs for the utilisation of the Nirbhaya Fund among others. Lastly, I also filed RTIs to all states with the help of my co-intern.

Filing 36 RTIs turned out to be a bit cumbersome but I learnt how the whole process works and will surely be able to do it again in the future.


Firstly, I am really fond of the name ‘Ungender’. It embodies the work that they do; it seeks to remove the inherent biases that come free with one’s gender. Secondly, one of the aspects of Ungender’s work is to sensitise workplaces to be more welcoming and less discriminatory towards women.

This is highly important as modern India’s patriarchal chains slowly vanish and women are not restricted from participating in the public sphere. Allowing safe and secure workplaces directly enhances women’s economic capabilities which can be an efficient tool in the quest for emancipation from all forms of discrimination. While we have laws in place to combat sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, their implementation by employers and such is haphazard at best.

Thirdly, Ms. Esha and Ms. Pallavi are genuinely excited for the work that they do. They are passionate and inspiring. They are always willing to hear you out and help you when in need. Some organisations tend to disregard the interns and their thoughts on how a task/project can be performed, but Ungender is not one of them. This makes you feel that you are a part of the organisation and are working together, not just for them, to achieve objectives.

And lastly, there is an adorable and highly-affectionate cat in the office. Nothing better.


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