The UN-Women Internship Program; Only for Masters+ Qualified; Apply Anytime

The UN-Women Internship Programme offers a small group of outstanding graduate-level students currently enrolled in a Master’s, Post Master and Doctorate level study the opportunity to work with UN Women.

In order to apply, send resume and cover letter briefly explaining your reasons for applying to the UN Women Internship Programme, specific objectives, expected benefits and preferred dates to: [email protected]

Timing for internships is flexible and can be at any time in the year.

The internship can be for a maximum of 6 months or a minimum of 6 weeks and operates on a non-remunerative basis.

There is no vacancy listing for the internship programme.

Applications are reviewed by UN Women as the need arises.

The intern will be contacted directly by the office, if shortlisted.

Apply HERE.

Announcement web page is HERE.


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