Ultimate Strategy for Acing Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination

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Hey, aspirants! Welcome to the Lawctopus Judiciry Corner series

With New Year, new opportunities will arise for judicial aspirants eagerly waiting for Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination 2022.

Until then, what aspirants can do is analyze, study and complete their syllabus, so that when Prelims are near the only thing left to do is revise.

Sounds good? 

If yes, then continue reading the article to get insightful tips that will assist you in preparing for your the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination.

Let’s get started.

Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination Prelims

The initial preparation for the preliminary stage should be entirely from the Bare Acts as it is an essential ingredient. Also, make notes section-wise so that you know the keywords of each section. 

Since there is no negative marking in Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, you must focus on attempting all the questions. Try using the elimination method for questions you have no idea about. 

By analyzing the previous years’ question papers, aspirants will get an idea about the type of questions in the examination. 

Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Mains Examination

Textbooks and Bare Acts are the primary source of preparation for the Mains examination. For searching leading case laws, subscribe to Bar & Bench or Live Law. Also, leave space while making notes so that you can add new information anytime.

Moving on to another crucial tip. It is advised that keep the handwriting neat so that it is readable. Aspirants are not judged based on their handwriting. But remember, the goal of writing answers neatly is for the examiner to properly read the answers.

In Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, the Criminal Law paper is lengthy. For that, practice answer writing and try to finish the answers within stipulated time. The goal is to write quality answers within a given time frame.

The only way to do that is by practice and nothing else. One thing is sure, if an aspirant goes without practicing answer writing, be it tests series or previous year papers, they will not succeed. 

Also, by reading judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Courts, and articles written by legal luminaries, the aspirant will learn the art of legal writing and will improve writing skills.

To learn more about Answer Writing, click here.

Test Series

We cannot stress enough about the importance of test series. The reason is that the test series train your mind into getting the habit of taking exams. And not just that, it also helps you to identify the mistakes and fix them before the exam. Give weekly tests to retain information for a long time.


Try to score maximum marks in this paper. The reason for the same is that every candidate will write limited information in the law subjects. However, aspirants can use the language paper to shine out from the rest. Language paper consists of essays, translation and grammar.


Speaking of essays that are part of the language paper in Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination, it is essential that they contain relevant information and not look as if written by a non-legal person.

Write your essays in such a way that it shows how updated and well-informed the aspirant is about the issue. For that, reading daily newspapers, especially editorials, and listening to expert opinions will surely help. Nibandh Mala by Arihant for essays is also good.


For translation, focus on improving your vocabulary by reading Hindi and English articles. Read Jan Satta for Hindi and the Indian express for English and Hindi Translation as the articles published in them are the same.

It is advised not to leave this for the end. Devote 1-2 hours daily if the translation is your weakest link to success. 

Hindi Language

For the Hindi language preparation, the aspirants can refer to Samanya Hindi by Dr. Raghav Prakash. 


It is the final stage of the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination. Many candidates have negative notions about the interview process.

The interview process tests your personality and qualities and whether you are fit to become a judge or not?

The only tip we can give is not to go to the interview with a preconceived notion. Leave all negative thoughts and emotions outside for 1-2 hours. Stay calm, answer the questions genuinely and leave the rest up to the interviewers.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

  1. The Tribune is an excellent source for keeping up with current news.
  2. Give special attention to local laws. Preparing them in advance will help at the Mains and Interview stage. 
  3. Never skip illustrations, comments, etc.
  4. Case Laws are important. Without case laws, your answer is not complete.
  5. Try to keep the preparation Mains specific from the beginning. 

Preparing for HP Judiciary? Here is everything you need to know about the Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services Examination.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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