Seminar on Private Law in a Changing World @ University of Edinburgh [April 20]: Registrations Open

Edinburgh Centre for Private Law is organising a one day seminar on Private Law in a Changing World in Honour of Danie Visser which is going to be held on April 20. It will held in the Raeburn Room, Old College.

Speakers include:

Kenneth Reid – University of Edinburgh

Reinhard Zimmermann – Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law

Jacques du Plessis – Stellenbosch University

Helen Scott – University of Oxford

Sonja Meier – University of Freiburg

and more.

Programme Details:

Coffee from 8.45 am

9.15 am Kenneth Reid (Edinburgh) Welcome

Session I: Comparative obligations: contract; Chair: Kenneth Reid

9.30 am Reinhard Zimmermann (Max Planck Institute, Hamburg): The textual layers of European contract law

9.55 am Discussion

10.25 am Tea Break

Session II: Unjustified enrichment: Germany, South Africa and England Chair: Robin Evans Jones

10.45 am Jacques du Plessis (Stellenbosch): Long live the law of unjustified enrichment? A South African perspective

11.10 am Helen Scott (Oxford) Dissolution of the Union? New approaches to ‘at the expense of’ in English law

11.35 am Sonja Meier Freiburg [TBC]

12 noon Discussion

12.45 pm Lunch

Session III: Unjustified enrichment: Scotland Chair: Jacques du Plessis

2 pm Hector MacQueen (Edinburgh): Cohabitants in the Scottish law of unjustified enrichment

2.25 pm Robin Evans Jones (Aberdeen) and Martin Fischer (Max Planck Institute, Hamburg) Liability for improvements in the South African law of unjustified enrichment: McCarthy Retail v Short distance Carriers in the light of the recent Scottish enrichment revolution

2.50 pm Discussion

3.30 pm Tea

Session IV: Comparative obligations: tort/delict Chair: Helen Scott

3.50 pm: Francois du Bois (Leicester) [TBC]

4.15 pm: Nils Jansen (Műnster) The idea of an obligation

4.40 pm: Discussion

5.20 pm: Helen Scott (Oxford) Closing remarks

5.30pm: Symposium ends

Seminar Date:

April 20; 9 am-5:30 pm

Registration Details:

This event is free; open to all but registration is required.

To register, click here.

Contact Details:

For queries please contact

For the Official Website, click here.

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