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A one day symposium as a part of the Yale-UCL Workshop in Legal Philosophy on on “The Debate that Never Was? Hart, Dworkin and the Future of Jurisprudence” on June 13, 2018 from 9 am to 7:30 pm.

It is widely thought that jurisprudence has been dominated for decades by the ‘Hart – Dworkin debate’. Yet some doubt that we can accurately characterize the disputes surrounding the nature of law that have unfolded over the last several decades as ‘the Hart-Dworkin debate’.

Others believe that the disputes have been unproductive and progress may only be made by re-framing the basic problems of jurisprudence or perhaps by abandoning the inquiry about the nature of law altogether.

Recently, Harvard Law Review published posthumously Dworkin’s widely-known reply to Hart’s Postscript. Dworkin’s reply provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the debate, 50 years since it began, and on what the central questions in jurisprudence should be.

UCL Laws and Yale Law School are hosting a one-day symposium on “The Debate that Never Was? Hart, Dworkin and the Future of Jurisprudence“.

Participants will be asked to reflect on questions such as: How can we make best sense of the Hart-Dworkin debate? How do questions about the nature of law (e.g. questions about the grounds of law, the validity of legal norms, law’s normativity) relate to one another? Should we continue to explore these questions or should we instead focus directly on moral and political questions about the structure and operation of legal institutions? Are there questions about the nature of law that have been neglected or under-explored?

The symposium will conclude with a plenary session that discusses how Jurisprudence as an academic subject might or should develop in the future, and what is the best way to teach the subject.

Speakers include:

  • Nicos Stavropoulos (Oxford)
  • Scott Shapiro (Yale)
  • Hilary Nye (LSE)
  • Andrei Marmor (Cornell)
  • Kevin Toh (UCL)

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