Legal Theory Festival @ Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory [June 4-8]: Register by June 1

University of Edingurh’s Centre for Legal Theory is organising a Legal Theory Festival 2018. This event is open to all and has no registration fee. It will commence on June 4 and will end on June 8 and it will at old college of the university.

About the Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory:

The Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory (ECLT) combines an openness to diverse areas and styles of theoretical research with a deeply collegiate atmosphere in which staff, students, and visitors collaborate closely to further both personal and shared research agendas.

The ECLT, in close collaboration with the student-run Legal Theory Research Group, organises a series of events, including a dedicated seminar series and the annual Legal Theory Festival.

About the Programme:

June 4, 2018 – 15.00 – 17.00 – Neil MacCormick Room, DHT

Globalisation, the Rule of Law, and the Danger of Taking Legal Pluralism Too Far

  • Matthew Grellette (McMaster University)

June 5, 2018 – Elder Room, Old College 

‘Virtue Ethics, Markets, and the Law’  

  • Chapin Cimino (Drexel University)
  • Dominic Burbidge (Oxford)
  • Irit Samet-Porat (KCL)
  • Prince Saprai (UCL)
  • René Urueña (Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia)

06 June 2018 – Raeburn Room, Old College

‘40 years of Neil MacCormick’s Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory’ 

  • Luís Duarte d’Almeida (Edinburgh)
  • John Gardner (Oxford)
  • Eveline Feteris (Amsterdam)
  • Claudio Michelon (Edinburgh)
  • Maggie O’Brien (Edinburgh)
  • Zenon Bankowski (Edinburgh)

07 June 2018 – Elder Room, Old College

‘Conceptual Analysis and the Future of Jurisprudence’  

  • Maria Teresa Marques (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (Surrey)
  • Kevin Toh (UCL)
  • Scott Shapiro (Yale University)

08 June 2018 – Raeburn Room, Old College

Book Symposium: Hans Lindahl – Authority and the Globalisation of Inclusion and Exclusion 

  • Emilios Christodoulidis (Glasgow)
  • Neil Walker (Edinburgh)
  • Claudio Michelon (Edinbrugh)
  • Hans Lindahl (Tilburg)

Important Dates:

  • Last for registration: June 1
  • Festival Dates: June 4-8

Registration Details:

This event is being supported by the Global Justice Academy. This event is free and open to all but registration is required.

To register, click here.

Contact Details:


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