2020 Faculty Scholarships by Faculty of Advocates [Rs. £ 10K]: Submit by April 30

About the organisation and scholarship

The Faculty of Advocates is conscious that lack of means, during devilling (pupillage), may constitute an obstacle to those who wish to practise as Advocates.

It, therefore, offers annual scholarships the purpose of which is to afford assistance to those intending to commence devilling and apply for admission to the Faculty

Three scholarships schemes are available to prospective devils: the Lord Reid Scholarship, the Faculty Scholarship, and the Lord Hope Scholarships.

The Lord Reid Scholarship is awarded in honour of the late Lord Reid of Drem, who generously bequeathed sums to the Faculty with the intention that they be used for educational scholarships.

One Lord Reid Scholarship is usually awarded annually, to the outstanding applicant. One or more Faculty Scholarships will usually be awarded each year.

Whilst an applicant must demonstrate sufficient ability to merit the award, the Faculty Scholarship is directed more at permitting talented applicants who are in financial need, to pursue a career at the Bar.

The Faculty Scholarships will also take account of the need to encourage those from groups which are currently under-represented at the Scottish bar.

All decisions on awards are made by the Faculty of Advocates’ Scholarship Committee, appointed annually by the Dean of Faculty.

Which stream of education

As the scholarships seek to enable persons of talent and ability to enter the profession of advocate, the merit of candidates is the principal consideration of the Lord Reid Scholarship and an important factor in the Faculty Scholarships.


In considering whether to make an award, the Committee will, therefore, wish to consider the following factors in relation to each individual applicant: academic merit (including strength of law and other degrees), postgraduate qualifications, relevant academic or professional teaching experience, publications (books, articles, or other), professional experience (whether in legal or other fields), any areas of special legal interest or experience.

Scholarships are awarded on the understanding that it is the applicant’s intention to pursue a career in active practice at the Scottish Bar on completion of the devilling period.

Amount of scholarship

The Lord Reid Scholarship will consist of a fixed sum to reflect the merit of the successful candidate. It is anticipated that this award may be in the region of £10,000.

At the discretion of the Committee, this award may be supplemented to reflect the particular financial circumstances of the successful candidate. Faculty Scholarships will be awarded based on the assessed need of the successful candidate(s). In recent years, awards have varied between £3,000 and £10,000.

The Lord Hope Scholarships can vary widely, depending on circumstances. In 2018, the awards ranged between £3,000 and £7,250.

How to apply

There is no set application form, although clearly, any application should address fully the criteria for the making of an award as noted above.

This would normally be in the form of a full curriculum vitae together with a brief note of the applicant’s financial position. The names of two referees should be given, being persons qualified to attest to the applicant’s suitability for an award having regard to the criteria.


April 2020.

Contact info

Further information concerning Scholarships can be obtained from the Secretariat Officer, (alice.walker[at]advocates.org.uk).

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