Internship @ Trilegal, Mumbai: The Magic of Mumbai, Tips for the Rich and the Broke, Rs. 15,000 Stipend

Place and Infrastructure

Much has been said about the architecture of India Bulls Building. It is very modern looking. The office is located on the 14th and 15th floor. Great office, with a great view.

Coffee is served two times a day, and there is a smoking balcony. Small equipped pantry, and a big cafeteria upstairs. For stationery lovers, theres a whole section dedicated to stationery to pick out markers, highlighters, bookmarks from.


The Trilegal office overall is very polite and treat the interns with dignity and respect. There is no unnecessary pressurizing, name calling, file throwing etc.


Two words. Good Work. You will be assigned a mentor and at the end of the internship, interns make a presentation.

Associates are approachable and you can walk up to anyone asking them if they have work. Probably as the associates are relatively younger, they are more patient with the interns and willing to teach.


 9 :30am to 6 30  9 (pm)


Rs. 15,000 pm for those who made it by themselves. This is something that I didn’t like too much about the firm. Because whether or not you landed there by yourself, you still have expenses that can be met by that fat stipend.

Besides you’re working as much. If the stipend has to be based on something, it should be performance based. Otherwise, just unfair.

How to get it

Apply through your college, if you are in a National Law School, you will most likely get through. They take a skype interview in their selection process. If you’re not in a National Law School, use your pull.

Daddy’s friend knows someone? Ask Daddy to ask friend to ask someone. Or try your luck by emailing HR head Bhavna Nagar [email protected]


Travelling in Mumbai is not a breeze for everyone. If you stay in South Mumbai, take a cab. If you’re staying beyond Bandra, take the train. If you can get a direct bus, you can do that too.

Nearest train stations : Elphinstone, Lower Parel. Bus: 70, 80 ltd, 91 ltd


If you don’t have a place in Bombay where you can crash for free, take up a hostel in Byculla or Mumbai Central like the YMCA.  It is a decent place to stay and close to the office so travelling to office in a cab every day won’t burn a very big hole in your pocket.

Other nearby areas with hostels are Lamington Road, Grant Road West (Don’t go to east, you will regret it), Dadar, Shivaji Park, Prabhadevi, Mahim.


Get lunch packed. If that’s not possible, you’re going to end up spending in the canteen downstairs which has limited options that are expensive and suck.

I would suggest a dabba service.

Some more

You may have to take a lot of initiative if your mentor isn’t too enthusiastic, but it doesn’t matter. Talk to the associates, they have a lot to learn from.

No one points out if you came late to office, but I’m sure tabs kept somewhere. Also be well dressed to office. Formal shirts, ironed etc.

Fridays theres a fun quiz in everyone’s inbox, including yours with some exciting prizes to be won. Actually exciting, not a toaster or sandwich maker or something. Though at this point in my life, that’s also excting.

There are occasional office parties at Trilegal, which if you have happen to be around at that time you can get to attend. Especially the Christmas party.

You will a feedback form to fill at the end of the internship.


Saturdays are usually off for interns. Though I have gone in on one Saturday, but the associates do not encourage it.

You will probably be getting really bored sitting in your hostel, so step out into the city of Mumbai.

The city of pollution, stench and gutka stained footpaths. Absorb all of it, and get used to it.

What to do if you have money

Go clubbing/pubbing. Booze it out. Make some friends before that though. Please don’t do it alone. It looks very shady.

You can go the race course, eat food at Olive. You must also eat breakfast at Indigo. On Sundays do a sundowner somewhere.

What to do if you don’t have money

Go to Sunlight/ Gokul. Nothing is lost my friend. You can booze it out too. And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have friends. You will make friends there, and it won’t even look shady. Bombay people love random conversations and friendships.

My great generalizations

Sorry I assumed your interests are limited to hanging out and passing out. You can check out the NGMA. Also Prithvi Theatre. Depending on the time of the year you’re interning, there will be interesting theatre, literature, film festivals happening.

Go through Time Out. Please do not take a ride on that horse carriage. And do not forget to eat icecream from Rustom’s at Marine Drive (I’m sure you will go to Marine Drive, yes)

Okay, peace out.

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