Internship Experience @ Trilegal, Mumbai: Helpful Associates, Positive Environment



Duration of the Internship

December 14, 2015-December 31, 2015

Trilegal Mumbai

My first day of internship in law firm is to good with me my new friend with same name meet and then we both proceed to reception area of the firm which is on 14th floor then we have been taken to another place on 15th floor were the interns are allotted their places.

All the interns over there has been specifically appointed the corner.

Then I have received a mail from the HR regarding the details of my internship i.e. who will be my mentor, what will be by team, etc.

Then a mail from my mentor has been came to meet him. I was introduced to my whole team by my mentor then he has assigned work to me.

The official office timing is from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm but it depends on work when you gonna leave.

The environment of the office is so enthusiastic that I don’t feel so tied after doing whole day work.

Every morning I always use to go to my mentor and ask about the work I have to do on that particular day.

As I have done my internship in month of December so all the people are there in festive mood. An official party has also been throw for the celebration of Christmas.

With associate and other intern from the National University I have enjoyed a lot. Then we have been given a gift as a token of care by HR over there, the cake was so awesome.

If I have to describe my experience in one word I say “splendid”.

I have meet with the Partner of the Firm they were so nice with me. All the associate are so helpful in the firm.

Now talk about the weekends as we all know Mumbai city is to live the dreams so I have visited many places.

Now lets talks about the last day of my internship I have done good work and a very good work also so I have reported my worksheet to HR. She is a nicest lady in the firm I have meet with.

If I say positive about my internship with Trilegal- Just Everything

And say negative with Trilegal- Nothing

Great Experience!!

Dreaming of my next internship with them!!

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