Internship Experience @ TR Andhyarujina, Former Solicitor General

Name of Organisation, Location (city), Team Strength

T.R.Andhyarujina, Senior Counsel, Former Solicitor General of India, Delhi, 4

Application Process

I approached him when he had come to my College at Delhi University, to give his world famous lecture (he’s been invited to Oxford and other UK universities) on Judicial Activism and the most important case of our country – Kesavnanda Bharti v Union of India- on which he has written extensively in a book.

I followed up a week or two later vide meeting Mr. TR Andhyarujina in court. One can contact him through writing to his email id.

Duration of internship and timings

He is on the Banking Commission and often has to travel to Ahmedabad on Saturdays so the work week was Monday- Friday court hours and once in a while on Sunday for a conference.

He is also amicus curie and sometimes travels during the non working days of Supreme Court like the Holi holidays which meant I got a lot of time to study his collection of books too.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

TR Andhyarujina Sir was Mr. Hormasji Seervai’s junior for more than ten years and is a constitutional expert on Indian Constitution just like Seervai Sir. He has been on many high profile cases representing government leaders and banks.

His son is a Rhodes Scholar and continues to practice the legendary skill set in Bombay High Court. My first impression was apprehensiveness being a first year but the staff helped me be one of them and successfully conduct myself in meetings.

There are an amazing number of books which shows how much Sir must have studied for years!

There is a floor dedicated to the office in South Delhi and Sir has divided the office in three sections- the entrance where there are books on general reading, autobiographies, the main chamber where Sir hosts meetings and a room for files and admin.

T R Andhyarujina internship

Main tasks

Briefing, Research, Attending Conferences and Hearings.

I worked on land matters, Novartis drug’s trademark infringement, Krishna water dispute and Banking cases.

It was amazing since I got a chance to write about it in my exam papers later in college!

Work environment and people


The people – his support staff are very friendly and the highlight is a cocker spaniel who’s the friendly neighborhood watcher and often interrupts Mr. TR Andhyarujina Sir’s client counseling to get a cookie.

Even the clients were treated very well by Siloo Mam who sent snacks for all clients and tea which we enjoyed thoroughly!

Best things

I got to attend super secret out of the world conferences, Sir represents clients in important cases such as Water disputes, defends Governments and assists Law Firms- I was awestruck by the level of competence shown and the staff and junior lawyer assured I was a part of all of the conferences!

Once,the first week, Mr. TR Andhyarujina Sir called to inform there was a conference in the Library of Supreme Court Bar Association, but I missed it owing to some delays- I felt ultra dejected but my spirits were lit up when I was invited back to his office for a conference!

Bad things

The metro was extremely far and Sir made me leave early being a concerned Senior!



Biggest Lessons

Law is a jealous mistress!

Any Other Thing

I later got to meet him at Justice V.R.Tarkunde’s Memorial Lecture where he was extremely encouraging and helped me get an internship in a leading IP Law Office by referring me to the concerned person.

I also found a mentor in his junior, a very helpful lawyer who constantly kept the interns updated with Sir’s schedule.

The Wikipedia page on TR Andhyarujina is here.


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