Top 8 Government and Litigation Internships With Great Stipend

Internships are not only an important part of the academic curriculum in law schools, but also an experience of a lifetime due to the real world exposure that they provide. They are a great opportunity to find your areas of interest, and eventually land a job opportunity in one of those places.

Lately, many places have been paying handsome amount of stipend to all its interns to attract better applications and to also compensate for the hard work some internships demand. Let us look at the best 8 picks according to us which not only give credible experience to you in terms of work, but also award a great stipend.

Competition Commission of India (CCI) – Stipend of INR 10,000/ month

Competition Commission offers a great experience for law students with interest in economics, law, finance and competition practice. CCI circulates internship information and application form at least once a year, or as and when the need arises, and you need to apply to be selected for the internship.

The work includes case reading and analysis, article writing and a final research paper submission before the end of the internship. It is a great opportunity to closely look into the workings of a government organization.

CCI internships are highly rated by all interns simply because of the credible exposure that this opportunity gives. There is no specific timeline for internship, and interested candidates may apply any time. However, it is advised to apply at least 2 months in advance due to the high interest that CCI attracts from students.

More can be read about CCI on their official website.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Stipend of INR 5,000/month

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) invites applications for its internship scheme and students from all disciplines are welcome to apply. The duration of the internship is a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 3 months

The internship opportunity involves work related to law, economics, finance, and management, and is a good opportunity for anyone eager to see the amalgamation of law, business and finance closely.

The applications for this opportunity are known to be open, and this year’s notification for the same can be accessed here.

Ministry of Labour and Employment – Stipend of INR 8,000/month

Ministry of Labour and Employment recently introduced an internship scheme with specific enrollment for law students and graduates. The duration of the internship can be anywhere between 2-6 months, and a declaration of secrecy is mandatory to be signed before joining the internship.

It gives a good opportunity to know about government functioning and assist in policy and legislation formulation. There is a detailed selection procedure in place, which can be viewed in the previous year’s notification along with other details.

However, this internship opportunity is only available for students in the last 2 years of their degree course. At the end of the internship, the interns are also required to submit a detailed report to the Head of the Division regarding their internship work profile.

National Human Rights Commission – Stipend of INR 8,000/month

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is another extremely popular internship amongst law students for the effective nature of work that it provides and also due to the stipend involved.

Although this year NHRC has put in a rather intensive eligibility and selection criteria that includes:

  • Either studying in 3rd year of 3-year LLB course or completed 3 years in the 5-year BA/BBA LLB course
  • Minimum of 65% in Class XIIth, with attested copies
  • A 500 word handwritten write up on the topic “Reason for joining as an intern at NHRC”
  • A merit list of cumulative scores on the basis of marks scored in XIIth (30%), marks during graduation (30%), and marks on the write up (40%), will be taken out before finally admitting students for this internship program.

It is clear that due to high interest shown by the student community in this internship, NHRC is strictly monitoring its selection procedure and making it an even more coveted place to intern at.

Additionally, the top 3 students on the merit list will also be awarded INR 15,000 each.

The official notification can be accessed here.

Clearly, legal internships are serious business and they are also the best way of securing a respectful job for the future. With all important places taking their selection procedure rather strictly, you need to be prepared in order to first get through to those internships, and then make your presence felt.

Spending your one month in a place to just receive an internship certificate is no good in today’s time where the competition in the legal field is on its peak.

You can refer here for everything you need to know before sitting for your desired internship interview, to grabbing that pre-placement offer the firm awards you for doing outstanding work.

There is definitely no feeling better than being appreciated for your work at your internship, trust me, and that happens when you know beforehand and have the confidence in you to perform to the best of your potential.

Chambers of Mr. KTS Tulsi –  Stipend of INR 7,500 – 10,000

Advocate KTS Tulsi is a well-known name in the legal world. Internships under him are known to be highly valuable in terms of the experience that they provide. He always has a fleet of interns working under him, and opportunity to work with him is definitely a lifetime experience.

Main area of work includes case law research, drafting, and preparing briefs for Mr. Tulsi himself. Separate cause lists are also allotted to interns and they are expected to sit through proceedings in Supreme Court, High Court, etc.

Mr. Tulsi’s office also organises Moot Court Competitions where all interns are divided into 2 teams and argue on the problem assigned. Clearly, interning with Mr. KTS Tulsi is a one of a kind experience, not to mention the opportunity to be around the Parliament sometimes as Mr. Tulsi is also an MP.

J Sagar Associates (JSA)  – Stipend of INR 1500/week + Daily breakfast and lunch coupons

JSA is a top notch legal firm which needs to introduction, with flourishing practices in both litigation and corporate affairs. Their internship programme is a great way to get a glimpse into the daily routine of a top-ranking, bustling firm. Great platform for the Interns to demonstrate their potential.

Apart from the friendly environment and engaging work, JSA is also known for their INR 1500 a week stipend, along with generous breakfast and lunch coupons from Sodexo or any other company. Students wanting to intern in/around Delhi should keep in mind that the Delhi office (East of Kailash) is primarily a litigation office while the corporate work happens in their Gurugram office.

The environment in JSA is that of interest and willingness, and it is appreciated that you ask for work yourself, rather than waiting for it being assigned to you.  The application form for JSA’s internship program can be filled here; though it is also recommended to send a personalized email at [email protected].

Chambers of Senior Advocate Salman Khurshid – Stipend of INR 10,000/month

Undoubtedly, THE most popular and desired litigation internship is one with Mr. Salman Khurshid himself. Apart from being one of India’s top most lawyers, Mr. Khurshid’s internship program is also very accessible.

As his litigation practices spans across various different areas of law, your main tasks can  include research work pertaining to diverse areas like Company Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Constitutional Law, etc. Each intern is assigned one associate that explains, assigns and also assists in the given work whenever required.

Interns are also required to submit periodic reports about research work to their reporting associate. Apart from the research work, interns also attend the hearings in High Court as well as in the Supreme Court, where the inspiring opportunity to see Mr. Khurshid argue could be one of the best things about this internship.

For me, just witnessing Mr. Salman Khurshid argue can be the only reason to intern with him, but you also get a INR. 10,000 stipend which is a win-win. Applications for this opportunity can be sent to [email protected].

Karanjawala & Co. – Stipend of INR 5,000/month

Primarily a litigation firm, tasks at Karanjawala & Co. will revolve around courtroom matters, case law research and drafting work.

Although, drafting is primarily assigned to interns who are in their later years of law school, but if you depict enough interest and caliber, there is going to be no dearth of work for you at this internship.

Research areas can include  IPR, Companies Act, Banking Laws, Prevention of Corruption, Environmental Laws, etc. However, the office is a rather corporate like office, and  with the firm establishing strong footing in the corporate world as well, you can expect to experience and receive work from both domains.

To apply, Karanjawala & Co. invites applications in advance on their email ID [email protected]

To know about due-diligence, mergers & acquisitions, contract drafting, debt finance, and other practical insights about applying for influential internships and performing well at them, visit here, and give yourself the best gift of your law school life. Feel free to write to [email protected] for any personal help regarding internships.

Wish immense good wishes!


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