Today’s Law Reports are Boring; Where Have the Lively Law Reports Gone?

By Haresh A. Raichura

The difference in the quality of present-day law reports and in quality of Law Reports which were published in 1939 is huge.

You know everything about present-day law reports if you are still buying them. There will be headnotes and then judgements. Mostly, you will not see “Editor’s note” anywhere.

I once saw a 1939 Bombay Law Report.

It contained Editor’s Notes, Letters to Editor (In the letters, lawyers used to comment on judgements published in the previous volume), and then Jokes and Poems contributed by lawyers and then headnotes and then judgements.

That Law Report volume looked alive!

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Haresh A. Raichura is an AOR at the Supreme Court of India. Follow him on Linkedin here.


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