Today [August 15th]

Today there will be songs

In praises about the motherland

Tomorrow, we’ll like and share

Stories about Rape.


Today, we’ll feel proud

About our past, our heritage.

Tomorrow, we’ll protest and mock

Our economy and our rupee.


Today, we’ll play Lata and Rahman

Tomorrow we’ll be back to Honey Singh.

Our tastes change

Because we value diversity, I think.


Today our flags will flutter

Everywhere, big and small flags.

Tomorrow, we’ll trample them

Beneath our boots and spit on them.


Today is one day.

Today will end soon.

And it will be a tryst with destiny,

A tryst as short as a click: ‘Friend request accepted’.


Rome was not built in a Day

India is, every year, on August, the 15th.


tryst with destiny


Today we’ll raise big important questions
But because the answers aren’t easy or quick
We’ll forget them on the 16th
And console ourselves
“At least we raised a question”.

Today, we’ll display our might
Our military strength and prowess
On October 2nd things will change drastically
We’ll all worship peace then
Because our days decide our beliefs.

Today we’ll revisit our martyrs
We’ll salute their bravery
But we won’t do that for long
Because the IPL season starts soon
The martyrs have been hung, the cheerleaders still dance.

Today is an important day
Today is the tryst with destiny
Tomorrow, we’ll consult our astrologer
Today, our mind is without fear
Tomorrow, we’ll ‘like’ the despair.

–By Tanuj Kalia

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